That Over-Used Hitler Video on Youtube… Sort of

If you’ve been on Youtube anytime over the last 2 years, you’ve probably seen a clip of Hitler screaming in German at his generals about… well in the original version he’s letting them know they’re cowards for losing the war, but people have included their own subtitles to create funny videos of Hitler complaining about anything from the Buffalo Bills signing Terrell Owens to Twitter crashing for the umpteenth time.  It’s literally been used dozen’s of times to lampoon the latest news and trends.

The scene comes from a German language film called Downfall, and I thought it had been used up.  The first couple of times it was funny, but it loses it’s funny after awhile.  I was no longer quite as excited about clicking on the “Funny Hitler Complaining About (fill in the blank)” link in some email a friend sent me.

So why am I featuring it here today?  Because Brandon Hardesty has done something completely different with the clip – even remarkable.  I’ve posted videos by Brandon here before.  He reenacts scenes from movies, and he’s always impressed me with his spot-on performances.  This time Brandon has reenacted the now famous Hitler scene in it’s original German.  Keep in mind, Brandon doesn’t speak German.  If you’ve never watched Brandon, he does the best he can with what he has. Let’s just say, he spares every expense, but that adds to the charm of his videos. His performances are heart-felt knock-offs that showcase Hardesty’s acting chops.

I think to really appreciate how truly remarkable Brandon’s performance is here, you should watch his video and then the original.  I’ll post them both.

Brandon’s Bunker Scene from the Movie Downfall

The original Bunker Scene from the Movie Downfall

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