Bigfoot? Blobsquatch? Man in Mask?

A video for your Bigfoot viewing pleasure.  My first attempt at an analysis of a Bigfoot video on Youtube.  I actually intended to find what some people were referring to as Bigfoot in the clip and prove that it was just a log or a shadow, but damn it if it didn’t have a face, and it moved.  Could it be a man in a mask? Yep.  Could it be Bigfoot? Yep. Is it a blobsquatch? Most certainly.  Nothing definitive here.  Just very, very interesting.

The reason I think this is somewhat compelling is that a rock was thrown from that direction, and a branch moves in the area where the face is spotted on what seems to be an otherwise windless day.  Taking all this into account, I’m leaning towards there being something there.  What, I don’t know.

This is an isolation of the face in the video.

Black and White Version of Face Pulled from Video

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3 thoughts on “Bigfoot? Blobsquatch? Man in Mask?

  1. I appreciate your site, your enthusiasm, and all of the hard work you are doing to bring Bigfoot into the 21th century as a known animal, whose species will hopefully be protected against poachers and hunters.
    It will be amazing when a BF is captured so that the world can see that they do, and always have, existed.

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