A Word of Caution on the Bigfoot Image

The image that appears to be an image of Bigfoot has generated a little buzz.  Even though I’m the one who posted it, I have to express  a word of caution.  I was excited when I first saw it, too.  But a few days have passed and I’ve decided there are too many unknown variables to declare that it is the real deal.  It could very well be digital artifacts creating the appearance of a face.  This image was taken from an AVI video frame compressed down from it’s original 1080 HD.  I did a frame grab converting it to JPEG, which I opened in Photoshop to enlarge and lighten.  In other words, it went a long way to get here.  Granted it is extremely interesting, but I’m not claiming this is an actual Bigfoot.  I have no idea what it is.  The only way to know for sure is to go back to the spot and see if that lump is still there.

Yes, it looks like a face, but is it?

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