The King of Kong – A Fistful of Quarters

Still cranking out the last pages of Book 4 of the Oz Chronicles.  Everything is coming together.  I took a break last weekend and watched the documentary The King of Kong – A Fistful of Quarters.  I had heard about the movie before, and had been encouraged to watch it, but always put it off because it’s a movie about arcade games.  Not my thing.

So, I saw it on my Wii – Netflix Streaming setup and thought, “What the hell, I’ll watch it.”  It was awesome.  It’s about two guys who are the best in the world at the arcade game Kong.  One is a legend, the other is an upstart newcomer down on his luck.  The legend is a total jerk and reminds you of Bill Murray’s character in King Pins.  The newcomer is this sweetheart of guy who you can’t help but pull for.  The whole arcade community has totally bought into the legend’s crap and treat him like a god.  They shun the newcomer and ridicule him, but by the end you can sense that the legend has lost is luster because he chickens out on a couple of head-to-head competitions with the newcomer and just doesn’t show up. Great movie. If you haven’t seen it, see it.

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