Adorable Redneck Sees Bigfoot

Okay, quite a few people have been pinging me on this Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina the other day.  Not so much because Bigfoot was seen, but because of who saw Bigfoot.  He’s a good ol’ mountain boy in Cleveland County, North Carolina by the name of Tim Peeler.  He comes off as… well, adorable.  Mr. Peeler called 911 twice about the “thing” in his backyard.  His speech is slurred, and he sounds a bit confused, but who can blame him really? There was a ten foot ape with the face of a man and beautiful hair (his actual description) trying to get his dogs.

The one aspect of the calls that makes my conspiracy theory antennas tingle is that he makes a couple of references to not shooting the animal.  Here’s what he said.

“I did not shoot… the thing! I did not shoot him. You can’t blame that on me.”

And then in another call he asks:

“Would I get in trouble if I was to shoot and kill this beast?”

If I were a cynic and novelist who makes up stories, I would say that he sounds like a man who shot something, and he’s not so cleverly trying to cover his bases in case they find a 10 foot ape with a man’s face and beautiful hair dead from a shotgun wound in the woods somewhere in Cleveland County.  But that’s just my writery mind playing tricks on me, I’m sure.

Here’s a piece CNN did on the sighting.

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One thought on “Adorable Redneck Sees Bigfoot

  1. Man , scary to think that this guy had a gun, sounded like he was tanked on the sauce!!!

    I don’t know if he really saw the Big Guy, but if he did, he is the reason that people who do see something don’t report it, This guy is getting torn apart by the media, If some one real does see something, can’t really blame them if they decide not to report it.

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