Book Four of the Oz Chronicles – It’s Here!

Jennifer Aniston finds a cold weather spot to enjoy The Land of The Dead, Book Four of the Oz Chronicles.

This was a bit of surprise for me.  I went to Amazon this morning and discovered that The Land of the Dead, Book Four of the Oz Chronicles is available for sale.  I had no idea it would happen that fast.  We didn’t even have time to put together a ribbon cutting or put together one of those fancy red carpet events.  Oh, well.  What are you going to do?

I did send a copy to my buddy Jen while she was hanging out in an undisclosed cold weather location.  She sent me a picture of her with the book.  She’s cool like that.  We talked about the book and Photoshop.

Book Description: In the fourth installment of the Oz Chronicles, Oz Griffin continues his efforts to restore the world he destroyed.  But, when Oz and his band of warriors are led to an abandoned Southern mansion, they encounter a serial killer and become infected with an almost uncontrollable urge to feed … on each other.  With only nine days to find the cure, Oz must travel to the Land of the Dead and follow in the serial killer’s footsteps.  Will Oz survive the journey?

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One thought on “Book Four of the Oz Chronicles – It’s Here!

  1. Wow…it’s been so long since i’ve heard any news about The Oz Chronicles! I didn’t see any of the news coming up in my feed when they were posted, oddly enough. I wish i had known when they had come up for sale, because now i have to go and buy myself a copy! =p Looks like i know what i want for christmas!

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