The Real Creed Bratton from The Office

Creed - Funky and Funny

I have recently come to a very important decision in my life.  I’ve decided that my favorite character on NBC’s The Office is Creed Bratton.  I could give you a series of esoteric yet brilliant reasons, but it really just boils down to he just cracks me up.  In fact, I think when Steve Carrell leaves after next season, the producers should make a totally outrageous move and make Creed the new boss.

I did some digging into the actor who plays Creed Bratton and was astonished to learn that his name is actually Creed Bratton.  He’s a really interesting guy. He played guitar in a 60’s folk rock band called The Grass Roots.  Yes, Creed was a hippie.  What kind of revolutionary, antiestablishment hipster was he?  Here’s an excerpt from his bio that sounds like something he would say on the show.

They appeared in the magazines of the times and were highly promoted. Not so promoted was the fact of drug arrests. The band had a famous incident in Seattle where they caught sharks from their hotel window and left their rooms bloody. Creed had an infamous acid trip on stage at the Fillmore with concert promoter Bill Graham screaming at him …and him dropping his pants and strolling casually off stage…where he proceeded to lecture to all who would listen on the meaning of life….and of course Creed’s habit of running naked through small towns next to the tour bus on bets from the band.

To which I say, “HA! That is so Creed!”

You can read his entire bio here – Creed Bratton

Here’s a video of Grass Roots (Creed’s the guitarist on the left wearing a striped shirt.  He kind of looks like Rainn Wilson).

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