I was once bitten by a vampire.

When she said she was a vampire, I just thought it was bawdy talk.

So, I was going through my blog’s stats to look for possible search terms for another edition of “Freaky Search Friday,” but I had so many to choose from I had to put the post on the back burner  because I am busy writing a new book. (BTW – That sentence was almost 50 words long.  Beat that!)  In other words, I ran out of time, but for a really good reason.  That’s also why I haven’t been on the blog as much recently.  This new book is just flowing out of me like water out of a fountain.  It’s actually really fun, so I haven’t wanted to distract myself with my usual insightful posts.

Instead of a “Freaky Search Friday” post, I want to share with you one search term that came up a number of times, a disturbingly large number of times.  It was, “Real Vampire Pictures,” or some variation of that term. The point is people were looking for information on real vampires.

Let me be perfectly clear on this point.  Vampires are not real.  They don’t exist.  Okay, yes I was once bitten in college by a girl who said she was a vampire.  And, yes she bit a couple of other guys that night.  And, yes I woke up with two very distinct fang marks on my neck, and it really freaked my roommate and me out.  And,  yes this vampire coed may have warned me that others would be coming for me because she had marked me, but they haven’t.  And I’m sure… relatively sure, it will never happen.   And I think I heard one of the other guys she bit died shortly thereafter… holy crap!  Vampires are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, they aren’t real, but the story about me being bitten in college by a girl claiming to be a vampire is 100% true.  And, she really did leave fang marks. She was a very polite vampire because she asked me if she could bite me before she did.  In my defense, I didn’t think bite actually meant bite.  We had a serious communication problem.  The relationship was doomed from the beginning.

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