I Ate Rot Chart

Smell that Rot Chart deliciousness!

A few days ago I went to the grocery store and bought some frozen meals, as I am wont to do. I’m a fan of Ethnic Gourmet.  They are advertised as all natural and they taste damn yummy.  So, I bought their Chicken Pad Thai without reading the box.  Yesterday, I popped it into the microwave, and as I was waiting the painfully long three minutes for it to heat up I read the box.  This is what I read:

Taste of Thai is an elegant balance of distinct and contrasting flavors such as coconut, lemongrass, chilies, ginger, and peanut blended together to achieve “Rot Chart”, Thai for “proper harmony of flavor”.

Rot Chart?  They used the word ROT!  I was about to eat something that strived to achieve ROT.  I was so disgusted I almost didn’t eat the Chicken Pad Thai…. What?  It smelled really good, and it tasted even better, but I couldn’t get over the word ROT on the box.  I told my wife about my experience and she shrugged it off as a set of cultural differences.  My response was, “But I’m American.  I bought the food in America.  Shouldn’t they adapt to their market?”  “Are you going to eat it again,” she asked.  “Of course,” I said, “but if I had read the box first I probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place, therefore missing out on all that Rot Chart goodness.”

The lesson?  For some reason, some cultures not only like rot, they chart it and put it in their gourmet food.

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4 thoughts on “I Ate Rot Chart

  1. The cool thing, now, is when you Google ‘rot chart’, there you are. It always comes back to the Oz Chronicles!


  2. It’s weird, and a bit sad, that anyone can say anything on the internet. While fulfilling an unnecessary need to expressive themselves, unfortunately, common people get to spout whatever nonsense they want. (By writing this, I too, am now one of them.)

    The Thai language is not at all made up of the same characters as the english language. In fact, if you’ve ever seen it printed, Thai is remarkably beautiful. The term “Rot Chart” is merely a stretch of an English-letter translation of a phrase that does not exist for us. It’s not that they are actually saying the English words “rot” and “chart”; they are simple loosely translated versions of those Thai words. And it has nothing to do with the enjoyment–or more likely lack thereof–of the microwavable meal that is being referenced in the first place.

    • Blimpy, take yourself too seriously much? You can’t honestly believe that I really thought I was eating rotten food! I was making light of the translation. I know it happens. Despite what you might think, I’m not an idiot.

      BTW – Common people? What the hell? What are you, a member of the royal family? You call yourself Blimpy! How common can you get?

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