A Message to Muslims

Burn this picture!

I have a suggestion to the good people of the Muslim faith. Instead of killing Americans if a few bozos burn the Quran maybe you could just burn Reverend Terry Jones’ picture.  He is the face of ragingly stupid bigotry in our country, and most of us normal Americans would cheer your creative and far less violent response.  He doesn’t speak for me and a lot of my fellow Americans, and frankly, most of us think he sucks.  He doesn’t deserve to be physically assaulted for his stupidity.  But you lighting up his picture will send a message to the rest of the world that your upset, yet fairly civilized. 

I realize that the Quran is a sacred book, and it’s a symbol of your faith and devotion to the Prophet Muhammad, but it seems a bit of a disproportionate response to threaten to kill Americans if a few idiotic Reverends in our country burn said sacred book.  History has proven that the violent defense of religion usually doesn’t go well for all the parties involved.  In fact, one could argue that the perpetrators of the violence usually get trashed in history books and episodic TV shows.  Just saying.  If I may be so bold, you might want to lighten up a little on the death to America rhetoric.  Guys like me have a hard time defending you when you… well, want to kill the people I’m trying to endear you to.

In closing, Reverend Jones is a tool and killing Westerners is not a great public relations move.

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