“Hey, you’re okay. You’ll be fine. Just breathe.”

I’m going to do something different on the blog today.  I’m going to ask you for a favor.  Nay, I’m going to beg you for a favor.  It’s simple. It’s a little time consuming, but other than that it will cost you nothing.  Watch this TED video featuring Ze Frank.  It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and will have you singing, “Hey, you’re okay.  You’ll be fine. Just breathe.”

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As I said before, I’m 100% sure that time travel is not possible… I think.

Okay, I once famously (What an ego) stated on this blog that I am 100% sure that time travel is not possible.  How could I be so sure?  Simple, because time travel does not exist in the present.  You see, my theory is once time travel is achieved it will have always existed.  We will not know a time without time travel.  Besides, if time travel were possible, I’m sure my future self or a future relative would send me an email telling me what an absolute idiot I am for making such a bold statement.

I am almost unwavering in my belief.  Okay, so I can’t almost be unwavering.  You either waver or you don’t. I believe strongly that time travel is not possible.  I probably could be swayed by some proof of time traveling.  But that will never happen… I mean I suppose I could… oh, say pop a DVD of a Charlie Chaplin film into my player… and I guess watch the extras and stumble upon footage of  the 1928 premiere for the film The Circus… and I don’t know, see a lady talking on a cell phone as she walks across the camera.  But that would never happen, right?

Well, George Clarke, an Irish filmmaker, is claiming that is exactly what happened to him.  Here’s the video he posted on Youtube showing what he calls a possible time traveler talking on a cell phone in 1928.

Now, he appears to be a nice guy and sincere in his beliefs, and he behaves just like a sane person.  So, I don’t think this is a set-up by him.  And I agree with him, that is not a woman.  It’s a man in a dress.  Here’s what I think is going on.  The studio was shooting some news reel footage.  They decided they needed more women in the shot, but they couldn’t find any on short notice, so they got a grip, dressed him in drag, and discovered he was a really ugly woman.  So, they instructed him to hide his face with his hand.  He’s not clear on what exactly it is he’s supposed to be doing, so it being the silent film era, he talks to the director as he walks.  Hence, it appears to us that he’s talking on a mobile phone.  Clarke, claims that he/she is talking on a thin black device, but I honestly can’t see it.  I think he’s seeing the shadow of the cupped hand.

I have to admit it is pretty compelling video, and I applaud Mr. Clarke for giving us this mystery.  Life is much better when you allow yourself to believe in the impossible.

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There is nothing like the New York Post

Yahoo had a link to a New York Post story on Charlie Sheen’s latest mishap.  It seems the sometimes actor, sometimes public menace, sometimes witness in trials against call girls, went whackadoodle in his hotel room at the Plaza on a recent visit to the Big Apple.

The Post deftly writes about the drugs, broken glass, frightened women, baffled police, and the disoriented star of Two and a Half Men.  They paint a frightening picture. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

The “Two and a Half Men” star was so loaded that cops had to button his shirt for him after telling him to get dressed. He told police that he had been out drinking and doing cocaine earlier before ending up in his suite with the hooker, sources said.

The horrifying event took place in a room across the hall from Sheen’s to young daughters, and this is where the Post jumps from a story about violence and drug abuse, to a bizarre plug for the Plaza.  Here’s what they wrote about the kid’s room:

The couple’s daughters, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, were left with a nanny in the Eloise Suite, named after the famous fictional girl whose life residing at the tony hotel is chronicled in a popular series of children’s books.
What?  Did we really need to know A.) the name of the room they were staying in and B.) the reason behind the name of the room they were staying in?  It’s almost as if their editor said, “I need 39 more words.”  And this is the best they could come up with.
I’ve got to go now because there’s been an Earthquake.  Six million people in my neighborhood are dead and zombies are eating all the cats.  Fortunately my cat Oz, named after the main character in a series of horror novels for young adults called The Oz Chronicles, is adroit at killing zombies.
If you really feel the need, you can read the Charlie Sheen in the post by clicking here.

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Why Jay Cutler Sucks

A quote from Mr. Cutler after being picked off 4 times in a single game by DeAngelo Hall:

“I’ve played against [Hall] before — there’s no reason to shy away from him. That’s hard to say after throwing four picks at a guy, but if we had to play him tomorrow, I’d go at him every time.”

Me thinks I know why he’s thrown 70 interceptions in 4 and half NFL seasons. BTW – That kind of diminishes Halls achievement.  Apparently, picking off a Cutler pass isn’t that hard to do.   Yes, you read correctly.  In 59 games, Jay Cutler has thrown 70 interceptions.  By random comparison, Tony Romo has thrown 62 in 82 games, and Vince Young has thrown 41 in 51 games.  Cutler is averaging almost 1.2 interceptions a game.  That means Chicago can count on their opponents getting at least one extra possession a game if he just throws his average number of interceptions.  Is there any way the Bears can get Kyle Orton Back?

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Why the angry disclaimer?

You people are mean! I'm out of here!

For those of you who have never spent any time in the Bigfoot community, you’re probably wondering why I included an angry disclaimer with my “Is Bigfoot back in Georgia” post.  You also may be asking yourself, “You mean there are enough of you to form a community?”  Yes.  Believe it or not there are enough people spread far and wide to form a fairly large community online made up of smaller groups that gather on Facebook, various blogs, and messageboards.  It is as dysfunctional a group of people as you have encountered.  Many of the people are nice and amiable, but the most boisterous of the groups are enormous ass-hats!  (I’ll refer to them as A-H from here on out)

There is a glaring lack of respect by the typical A-H towards other human beings.  It doesn’t matter if that other human being is an adult, a child, a man, a woman, old, young, Republican, Democrat, etc.  They will attack with impunity.  Now, part of me understands their attitude.  They believe in something that most people think is ridiculous.  They’ve probably been  abused for their beliefs, and they’ve developed an A-H exterior as a defense mechanism. They basically resent other people in the Bigfoot community for presenting anything, but ironclad proof of the existence of a large North American Bipedal Ape.  They hone and hammer and beat their interactions with other Bigfooters into a series of blood-soaked written insults.   It’s as if their belief in Bigfoot has shutdown their frontal lobe.

Here is a standard thread in a Bigfoot community discussion about most videos and photos:

Witness: Hey check out this Youtube video I posted.  We were camping and caught something that looks like Bigfoot.

Nice Responder: Cool!  Where was this?

A-H 1: Fake!

Witness: Nice Responder, It was near Blowing Rock, NC.

A-H 1, what do you mean fake?

A-H 2: OMG!  This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! Thanks for wasting my time!

A-H 3: I can’t believe you posted this crap here!  This is why no one will take Bigfoot seriously!

A-H 1: I mean it’s obviously a guy in a costume, probably you’re mother or brother-in-law.  The arms are too short!  It  walks like a person. And you conveniently run the other way.  C’mon, this is the find of the century. You should chase this thing down and pull a clump of hair from its body for DNA analysis.

Witness: But I’m only twelve and this thing was really big.  I was scared.  It’s not my mother.  She died last year, and my sister’s not married.  She’s only eight.

A-H 1: Your mother probably hung herself because you’re so friggin’ stupid.  I want to punch you and your sister this is so lame!

A-H 4: LOL!

Witness: I’m sorry.  I thought it was real.

A-H 5: Because you’re a moron!

Nice Responder: I can’t believe you guys are being so mean.  He’s just a kid.  I’ve watched the video a few times and I can’t see anything that suggests it’s a fake.  How can you be so sure?

A-H 3: Because I’ve seen these things.  I’ve been tracking them for 15 years.  I had lunch with one on top of a mountain on February 14 last year, and we exchanged valentine’s cards.

Nice Responder: I actually had a couple of encounters with one a few years ago, and it looked very similar to what the young man got on video.

A-H 2: What are you, his mother… Oh, I forgot she’s dead!  Let this thread die already.  It’s a hoax.  The kids probably not even twelve.  He’s a desperate filmmaker trying to get some attention.  Pathetic.  You can tell it’s fake because whoever that is that’s talking on camera looks to the left right before he starts to speak.  Obvious!

A-H 6: Blobsquatch!  Next!

Leftfield Response: Did anywon else saw the family of leprechauns chising the Bigfot?  Look on the lewer left of the scren.  You clearly saw the smoak from won of there pipes.

Random Nonbeliever: You’re all stupid!  This video is crap because BIGFOOT DOES NOT EXIST!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE for an animal of this size to exist because the stress from the weight on the knee joints alone wouldn’t allow it to walk!  I can’t believe I come here 600 times a day to see your videos and photos.  You would think I would have something better to do.  Between ridiculing you and the UFO people, I barely have enough time to sleep.

That’s why I posted the angry disclaimer.  I will not abide A-H behavior on this blog. You’re welcome to disagree, but if I even smell a hint of A-H-ery, I’ll delete your comment and post photoshopped images of you pulling a Brett Favre!  That’s right!  You heard me!  I’ll show you throwing three interceptions in a game.

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Is Bigfoot back in Georgia?

Angry Disclaimer: This is a presentation I did on a few individual HD frames I pulled from the latest video featuring a “reported” Bigfoot in the state of Georgia.  I did not shoot the video.  I don’t know the family that did.  I am making no claims about the video other than I found some interesting things in the video.  If you came here to watch a presentation that clearly authenticates the Bigfoot in that video, you will be sadly disappointed.  If you came here to watch a presentation that clearly identifies the video or the subject in the video a fraud or misidentification of some other bipedal hominid, then again, you will be sadly disappointed.  I think what I found is interesting. That’s it. The word “interesting” in this case implies that a few images look like something of note, but could be nothing at all. You are welcome to leave a comment, but make it constructive.  Hint – a single derogatory word is not constructive.  And please don’t malign the family or the kid on this blog.  You don’t know them.  You cannot say with any certainty that this is a hoax.  Unless you’ve got pictures of a big guy putting on his gorilla suit in this family’s backyard, keep your accusations off this blog.  I’ve seen too many people irresponsibly insult this kid and the family for no reason at all.  It pisses me off.

Nice Disclaimer: Enjoy the presentation, and thanks for being respectful.

Note: The slide show runs automatically, but you can stop and even step through it to read the slides if you wish. Just hover over the slide show window with your cursor and you will see the controls pop up at the bottom of the window.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Key Images

For those of you who didn’t watch the presentation, you will notice that the images below don’t look “natural.”  That’s because I separated the bipedal subject from the background to have less surface area and fewer pixels to tweak and try to clean up.   The background remained unaffected by my process with the exception of the last image where I converted it and the bipedal subject both to black and white.

Subject headed up the hill and looking back - Some color saturation has been added to the biped.

Subject headed down the hill - possible outline of arm - Biped has been isolated from background and lightened.

A face? Biped has been converted to B&W and brightness & contrast hs been tweaked. The appearance of face is more than likely just pixelation.

You’re welcome to download the PowerPoint of the presentation by clicking here.

FindBigfoot‘s analysis of video (includes original video in its entirety).

Christopher Noel’s video showing size comparison with a 6′, 185 lb man.

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New Bigfoot Video from Georgia

A buzz is brewing on the Interwebs about a video shot by a kid from an unknown area in Georgia.  It features a bipedal animal on a hillside near a lake.  It reaches up for something on a tree, and then the kid’s enthusiasm takes over.  He starts yelling at the creature.  He’s absolutely overcome with joy at what he’s captured on video, but the big guy doesn’t like all the noise.  It turns and walks up a hill, finding shelter in a cluster of bushes.

I was ho-hum about the video at first, but after examining it and getting some other input on it, it turns out to be a very intriguing piece of video.  The kid just may have actually captured Bigfoot on video.  It’s not definitive, but it does merit further investigation.  According to the kid, the animal has made a few appearances over a number of years.  He finally got a Flip camera and the rest, as they say, is history.  Some people have been critical of the kid because he yells and basically flips out.  C’mon, people, he’s a kid.  Of course he’s going to be excited if he really thinks he got Bigfoot on camera.  Give me a break!

The video scores on a couple of points for me.  First, the movement of the subject is very fluid.  Second, You can actually see the bottoms of it’s feet as is it moves up the hill.  I downloaded the HD version and did a frame grab on about 60 frames.  The animal is bulky.  It has very wide shoulders, a cone shaped head and long arms.  The light shimmers off it’s back in a few frames and give’s it an eerie silverback look.  Is it Bigfoot?  Can’t say.  I’m pretty confident that it is not a hoax on the kids part.  I shared one communication with him, and he seems very sincere.

Here’s the video and below it is an excellent analysis video done by the FindBigfoot folks on Facebook.

BTW – This video was first brought to everyone’s attention by Christopher Noel.

UPDATE: This is an email sent to the FindBigfoot people by the boy’s father:

“My 11 yo son filmed this video. He claims he saw it about 2 years ago same location but no other sightings or other video. He told me he looked out at the hillside and saw a small tree bend. He was going to grab his air-soft gun because he thought it was a deer. It hung out by the treeline for a minute. He grabbed the video and was filming through the window. The video becomes shaky when he opens the window. Then he yelled and it moved up the hill and was gone. It is a very wooded area next to the pond not a lot of human activity over there. We will be on the lookout to capture more footage/pics. My wife thinks we should call the sheriff but I don’t want this to turn into a circus. I hope the video he captured can be useful to someone.”

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