Why the angry disclaimer?

You people are mean! I'm out of here!

For those of you who have never spent any time in the Bigfoot community, you’re probably wondering why I included an angry disclaimer with my “Is Bigfoot back in Georgia” post.  You also may be asking yourself, “You mean there are enough of you to form a community?”  Yes.  Believe it or not there are enough people spread far and wide to form a fairly large community online made up of smaller groups that gather on Facebook, various blogs, and messageboards.  It is as dysfunctional a group of people as you have encountered.  Many of the people are nice and amiable, but the most boisterous of the groups are enormous ass-hats!  (I’ll refer to them as A-H from here on out)

There is a glaring lack of respect by the typical A-H towards other human beings.  It doesn’t matter if that other human being is an adult, a child, a man, a woman, old, young, Republican, Democrat, etc.  They will attack with impunity.  Now, part of me understands their attitude.  They believe in something that most people think is ridiculous.  They’ve probably been  abused for their beliefs, and they’ve developed an A-H exterior as a defense mechanism. They basically resent other people in the Bigfoot community for presenting anything, but ironclad proof of the existence of a large North American Bipedal Ape.  They hone and hammer and beat their interactions with other Bigfooters into a series of blood-soaked written insults.   It’s as if their belief in Bigfoot has shutdown their frontal lobe.

Here is a standard thread in a Bigfoot community discussion about most videos and photos:

Witness: Hey check out this Youtube video I posted.  We were camping and caught something that looks like Bigfoot.

Nice Responder: Cool!  Where was this?

A-H 1: Fake!

Witness: Nice Responder, It was near Blowing Rock, NC.

A-H 1, what do you mean fake?

A-H 2: OMG!  This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! Thanks for wasting my time!

A-H 3: I can’t believe you posted this crap here!  This is why no one will take Bigfoot seriously!

A-H 1: I mean it’s obviously a guy in a costume, probably you’re mother or brother-in-law.  The arms are too short!  It  walks like a person. And you conveniently run the other way.  C’mon, this is the find of the century. You should chase this thing down and pull a clump of hair from its body for DNA analysis.

Witness: But I’m only twelve and this thing was really big.  I was scared.  It’s not my mother.  She died last year, and my sister’s not married.  She’s only eight.

A-H 1: Your mother probably hung herself because you’re so friggin’ stupid.  I want to punch you and your sister this is so lame!

A-H 4: LOL!

Witness: I’m sorry.  I thought it was real.

A-H 5: Because you’re a moron!

Nice Responder: I can’t believe you guys are being so mean.  He’s just a kid.  I’ve watched the video a few times and I can’t see anything that suggests it’s a fake.  How can you be so sure?

A-H 3: Because I’ve seen these things.  I’ve been tracking them for 15 years.  I had lunch with one on top of a mountain on February 14 last year, and we exchanged valentine’s cards.

Nice Responder: I actually had a couple of encounters with one a few years ago, and it looked very similar to what the young man got on video.

A-H 2: What are you, his mother… Oh, I forgot she’s dead!  Let this thread die already.  It’s a hoax.  The kids probably not even twelve.  He’s a desperate filmmaker trying to get some attention.  Pathetic.  You can tell it’s fake because whoever that is that’s talking on camera looks to the left right before he starts to speak.  Obvious!

A-H 6: Blobsquatch!  Next!

Leftfield Response: Did anywon else saw the family of leprechauns chising the Bigfot?  Look on the lewer left of the scren.  You clearly saw the smoak from won of there pipes.

Random Nonbeliever: You’re all stupid!  This video is crap because BIGFOOT DOES NOT EXIST!  It’s IMPOSSIBLE for an animal of this size to exist because the stress from the weight on the knee joints alone wouldn’t allow it to walk!  I can’t believe I come here 600 times a day to see your videos and photos.  You would think I would have something better to do.  Between ridiculing you and the UFO people, I barely have enough time to sleep.

That’s why I posted the angry disclaimer.  I will not abide A-H behavior on this blog. You’re welcome to disagree, but if I even smell a hint of A-H-ery, I’ll delete your comment and post photoshopped images of you pulling a Brett Favre!  That’s right!  You heard me!  I’ll show you throwing three interceptions in a game.

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2 thoughts on “Why the angry disclaimer?

  1. Well written and to the point once again RR.

  2. Well done. I can’t believe the vitriolic nature of the rants. The “Random No-Believer” snippet is priceless!

    Keep up the good work.

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