As I said before, I’m 100% sure that time travel is not possible… I think.

Okay, I once famously (What an ego) stated on this blog that I am 100% sure that time travel is not possible.  How could I be so sure?  Simple, because time travel does not exist in the present.  You see, my theory is once time travel is achieved it will have always existed.  We will not know a time without time travel.  Besides, if time travel were possible, I’m sure my future self or a future relative would send me an email telling me what an absolute idiot I am for making such a bold statement.

I am almost unwavering in my belief.  Okay, so I can’t almost be unwavering.  You either waver or you don’t. I believe strongly that time travel is not possible.  I probably could be swayed by some proof of time traveling.  But that will never happen… I mean I suppose I could… oh, say pop a DVD of a Charlie Chaplin film into my player… and I guess watch the extras and stumble upon footage of  the 1928 premiere for the film The Circus… and I don’t know, see a lady talking on a cell phone as she walks across the camera.  But that would never happen, right?

Well, George Clarke, an Irish filmmaker, is claiming that is exactly what happened to him.  Here’s the video he posted on Youtube showing what he calls a possible time traveler talking on a cell phone in 1928.

Now, he appears to be a nice guy and sincere in his beliefs, and he behaves just like a sane person.  So, I don’t think this is a set-up by him.  And I agree with him, that is not a woman.  It’s a man in a dress.  Here’s what I think is going on.  The studio was shooting some news reel footage.  They decided they needed more women in the shot, but they couldn’t find any on short notice, so they got a grip, dressed him in drag, and discovered he was a really ugly woman.  So, they instructed him to hide his face with his hand.  He’s not clear on what exactly it is he’s supposed to be doing, so it being the silent film era, he talks to the director as he walks.  Hence, it appears to us that he’s talking on a mobile phone.  Clarke, claims that he/she is talking on a thin black device, but I honestly can’t see it.  I think he’s seeing the shadow of the cupped hand.

I have to admit it is pretty compelling video, and I applaud Mr. Clarke for giving us this mystery.  Life is much better when you allow yourself to believe in the impossible.

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5 thoughts on “As I said before, I’m 100% sure that time travel is not possible… I think.

  1. If I were a time traveler, I think I would pick something a little more spectacular to appear in than as an extra in a silent film. Like showing up at Gettysburg and telling Lee he is about to make a huge mistake. Or arriving on Dec 6, 1941 and having a talk with the President. Or….

  2. My question is that if it’s really someone in 1928 talking on a cell phone, who are they talking to? And without cell towers, seems like it’d be pretty hard to get clear service, no?

    • Yeah, that’s a good point. I’m assuming he means mobile phone in the broadest sense. It’s a communication device, but operates on something other than satellite technology.

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