Missile? What Missile?

Well, there’s a story coming out of Cali-for-nia that a mystery missile was launched about 30 miles off the golden coast.  When a local TV reporter called the Pentagon for confirmation on the missile launch they replied, “Huh?” They don’t know of a missile launch.  They didn’t detect a missile launch.  They weren’t even sure how to spell missile launch. Here’s a report from local TV station:

I have to say it looks like a missile, but despite my belief that the US government willingly lies badly to the people of this country, I have a hard time believing they launched a missile in broad daylight, and then would disavow any knowledge of launching said missile.

This blogger actually makes a pretty good case that it’s nothing more than jet contrails: Jet contrails from some angles look like missile trails.  He uses math to bolster his argument, so needless to say, it’s over my head.

That brings up a puzzling question.  If it’s needless to say, why do we then say it?  Oh well, I digest.  What do you think, missile or jet contrails?

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