Why did my president commend the Eagles for hiring Michael Vick?

Michael Vick wet a dog down and electrocuted it to death.  He shot dogs because they could no longer perform in the illegal dog fighting arena.  He drowned dogs for the same reason and hanged them and even slammed one to the ground until it was dead.   This is the Michael Vick that was sent to federal prison for torturing and killing defenseless animals.  These are the charges he bled guilty to. These are acts that aren’t just due to abnormal and deviant behavior.  These are acts of a sociopath. That is to say the man does not feel any moral responsibility for what he’s done.  Publicly he’s made his apologies, and he’s even done some volunteer work.  In other words, he’s done everything to rehabilitate his image, but nothing to rehabilitate his soul.  He is a dog killer.  He’s only sorry because he got caught and nearly destroyed his opportunity to make millions.

This is the true Michael Vick, yet, this is the man my president commended the Philadelphia Eagles for hiring.  Why? What has Vick done off the field to deserve such attention from the most powerful man on the planet?  Sure, he’s playing well on the field.  His athletic talents were never in question.  But his moral character is a blight on the National Football League.  Unfortunately, it’s not just President Obama that has seen fit to shower Vick with undo praise.  There is a growing trend to forgive him not because of his actions to right the wrongs he’s done, but because of the way he’s playing on the football field.  People are lauding his performance and athleticism and magical feats on the old grid iron and somehow letting that wash away the memories of who he truly is, a man who tortured and killed 13 dogs.  There’s talk that he may even win the MVP this year.  Should he?  Should the most valuable player in the NFL be a dog killer?  Shouldn’t character matter?  Or do we just care about how many touchdowns he accumulates or how many defenders he eludes or how many passes he completes?  If a player can be fined for his behavior off the football field in the NFL, surely he can be denied ever winning the MVP.

Let us not forget that he used the money he got from the Falcons to fund his illegal dog fighting cartel.  Some have said we should give him credit for paying off $45 million in bad investments and lawsuits.  Credit?  For doing what he’s legally obligated to do?  That’s like giving a fish credit for being able to breathe underwater.  Yes, Michael Vick has done his time, but has he paid an adequate price for his brutality.  I’m not suggesting he be kicked out of the NFL.  By law, he has a right to earn a living.  I’m suggesting that we not forget that he tortured and killed dogs.

I like President Obama.  I’m one his supporters that is hanging in there with him through these tough political times, but this move really threw me for a loop. I just don’t understand why he did this.  It wasn’t necessary.  I find it offensive and maddening.  And as trivial as it sounds, it’s something I’ll remember when I’m in the ballot box getting ready to choose my next president.

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