What’s up with all the dead wildlife?

Here are various stories of mass deaths of animals all over the US and other parts of the world.

  • Maryland – MDE: Fish Kill Caused By Cold Stress: The Maryland Department of the Environment said that tens of thousands of small fish have died in the Chesapeake Bay due to the stress of the cold water.
  • Louisiana –Bird Death Mystery: More Dying Birds Fall From Louisiana Sky: The mystery of the dying birds deepened for baffled experts after another 500 birds were found littering a Louisiana highway days after 5,000 redwinged blackbirds plunged to their death on New Year’s eve.
  • Arkansas –Arkansas mystery: Thousands of birds and fish found dead: A double mystery shook the US state of Arkansas, as experts tried to figure out the cause of mysterious multiple deaths among birds and fish.
  • Kentucky – Woman reports dozens of dead birds in her yard: The mystery over thousands of birds raining from the sky in America deepened today after hundreds more plunged to their deaths in different parts of the country.
  • SwedenNew mass death of birds in Sweden: In a week that saw unexplained massive bird deaths in the southern United States, up to 100 birds were found lying in a snow-covered street in Sweden Wednesday, officials said.
  • Others: Both dead fish and birds – Brazil, Norfolk England: A survey conducted by the Federation of Fishermen’­s Colony of Paraná, Paranaguá on the coast of the state, indicates that at least 100 tons of fish (sardine, croaker and catfish) have turned up dead since last Thursday off the coast of Parana.
  • Others: Dead birds – Columbia, North Carolina, Arizona, Japan: Recent discovery of several dead migratory birds in Japan has raised concerns about H5NI avian influenza, avian experts said.
  • Others: Dead fish – Canada, Wales, Haiti: Haitian authorities were planning Sunday to ban consumption of fish from a lake on the border with the Dominican Republic where scores of dead fish have been found dead in recent days.

And this is just what I found in 30 minutes of research.  So, either nature is cleaning house or something sinister is afoot.

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One thought on “What’s up with all the dead wildlife?

  1. Hey there, yeah… This is making me think I should go back to church

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