I’m giving books away, but there’s a catch.

The Prophet of Cradle County by Jackson Goddard

I’ve decided to give some copies of a book away that was not written by R.W. Ridley.  It was written by me, but not under the name R.W. Ridley.  It was written under my pen name Jackson Goddard and published a few years ago.  It’s was an experiment for me.  Not my normal writing style.  I just wanted to try something different.  It’s not young adult, and some people may find the language a bit offensive.  Here’s the description:

Cradle County is in despair. The economy is on the downswing. Race relations are bad. And worst of all, the local high school football team hasn’t won a game in ten years. Join the cantankerous, politically incorrect narrator, Tucker Stewart as he shares the story of a small Southern town that finds hope from a most unexpected source, a hitchhiker named Reverend Wilda Fern Sheppard. Reverend Sheppard takes Cradle County by storm as she shakes the foundation of their faith by claiming to be God.

Contact me via Facebook if you want a copy.  I haven’t decided how many copies I’ll give away at this point.  I’ll do it until I run out of books or until I get tired of running to the post office, whichever comes first.

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