Jesus the puppy rises from the dead.

Wall-e looking not so euthanized

In a shelter in Sulphur, Oklahoma on Saturday five healthy puppies were euthanized because of overcrowding.  It’s a sad and unfortunate measure shelters all over the country are forced to take every day.  Veterinarians confirmed that each of the five puppies were dead and placed them in a trash bin.

On Sunday morning an Animal Control officer happened to look in the bin and to his surprise, a puppy looked back up at him.  One black and white puppy wasn’t ready to give up the ghost, so to speak.  The vets are baffled by the little guy they’ve dubbed Wall-e (because like the animated character, he is a survivor and the last of his kind).  They have no explanation for his “he has risen” act.  But allow me to say unto you, apparently this puppy has some unfinished business here on Earth.  Somebody needs to adopt the wee pup, and fast.  He has been granted a temporary reprieve by the shelter, but they still are dealing with an overcrowding problem.   If they can’t find a home for him soon, he will face the needle again.  If any puppy has earned the right to find a good home, it’s Wall-e.

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