Is this a face in the woods?

For all my “normal” friends, run like hell because this is a Bigfoot post.  Recently a researcher by the name of Joe Black uploaded a video on Youtube that some say has the face of Bigfoot in it.  Other’s say those people are idiots, and it’s nothing more than shadows and light.  Some say they can see it move, while others say again, it’s nothing more than shadows and light.  I don’t know, but the video and analysis done by the Facebook Find Bigfoot folks has some people outraged.  I’ll admit I haven’t watched their video because I have found the last few videos they’ve done to be “unconventional,” to put it kindly.  And keep in mind, we’re talking “unconventional” for a Bigfoot group.  That is pretty hard to do.  In fact, the guys who want to be taken seriously for their research are spitting mad at this particular group because of the videos they do.  They have a following of over 11,000 people, so they do get a lot of attention when they do an analysis. 

I have watched the original video done by Joe, and my gut initially was that it’s merely a play of shadows and light.  It is intriguingly face-like, so I put it under a microscope so to speak, and it remained intriguing.  I see slight, slight movement, but that could be because the camera is moving (which is always the case with Bigfoot videos).  And there are a couple of frames where the big guy looks remarkably like Elvis, 70’s Las Vegas Elvis unfortunately.  

Here is a frame I pulled from the video that interested me the most.  It has a feature I can’t readily explain away.  The head appears to be turned toward the sunlight, and it looks like it catches a reflection of an eyeball.  It could be the result of matrixing, but my experience has been that matrixing appears to be more angular in nature.  I’ve purposely not pointed out the eyeball in the picture to see if you can spot it. 

I got my eye on you.

Could it be a hoax?  Certainly, but I will say I’ve followed Joe Black for a while now, and he seems really sincere.  That’s not to say someone isn’t hoaxing him, however, and you always have to consider that possibility. 

Feel free to weigh in if you wish.  I’m undecided myself.  It’s as impossible to prove the shadows and light and matrixing theories as it is to prove that there’s a large bipedal ape hiding in the woods.  There are too many possibilities to say this is the big guy himself, but I do think there’s enough here to give one pause, and we should all be given pause from time to time. 

BTW – Here’s Joe’s original video.



Update: In looking at the footage and stills again, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “eye” could very well be the center of  a flower.  I’m leaning towards shadows and light on this again.  I could be completely wrong. 


4 thoughts on “Is this a face in the woods?

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  2. Humans have a natural tendency to see faces in miscellaneous textures. (“I saw Jesus in my tortilla!”) I saw this particular video for the first time a couple of days ago. The phrase that came to my mind was “Rorschach test”. I see it as a collection of shadows to which the viewer can give any identify meaningful to him or her.

    Watch the video again, and stop it at some random point which shows another collection of shadows. See if you can imagine a face in one those collections not identified by the videographer.

    • Yeah, I’m 99% sure this is a case of matrixing. The problem with pulling a frame of video out of a moving image is that movement freezes as a blur. That blur often does look remarkably like a face. The “eye” in his case is the center of a some kind of “flower” in bloom.

      I’ve been fooled by the freeze frame before, so there’s no shame in it. I think researchers need to stop the practice of pulling frames from video. It only causes misidentifications and confusion. If it’s not clear enough to see in a moving image, it’s not worth freezing.

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