I’m getting closer….

When the world ends, the lawless old West will rise again!

… to new book nirvana.   I’ve gone through the first draft, made my initial edits, and now, I’m ready to hand it over to my first reader (Mia) to get her input.  Who knows? I might be able to get a little sleep now…. Nah, who am I kidding!  But this isn’t a bad sleeplessness.  It’s a hyperfocused lack of sleep.  I tend to lock onto the story at night and look for holes.  Oh, those maddening holes.

Still a celebration is in order.  Maybe a weekday matinee.

2 thoughts on “I’m getting closer….

  1. Hi R.W., Just ran across your page on authonomy and couldn’t figure out why your book had such a low rating since it sounded quite good. Then noticed you had not been on the site for two years. Went to your webpage and found I was correct. You are an accomplished writer and quite successful it seems. Congratulations!

    • Yes, I’ve been really bad about visiting Authonomy. Fortunately, I’ve been busy writing so that’s the good news. It’s a great community, and I probably should visit more often.

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