Give to the Puppy Rescue Mission

Two of Lee's friends and associates raise a flag for Neda!

A dear friend of mine lost a puppy yesterday.  This was no ordinary friend or puppy.  Lee works in the Middle East mostly in hostile territory.  He’s far from his family most of the year working in high stress and dangerous situations that most of us would do anything to avoid.  He’s been doing this kind of work for years.   Through the magic of Facebook, I’m able to keep tabs on Lee and monitor his situation safely from my home office. 

Since November of 2010, Lee has been frequently updating all of us on a new friend he met during his current assignment.  It was a puppy, a stray that was rescued in an unfriendly zone.  Lee fell in love with this little dog he named Neda.  She was a beautiful white puppy that clearly adopted Lee as much as Lee adopted her.  Over the months, Lee posted updates and pictures of this growing pup and the bond between the two was palpable through both their smiling faces.  Neda provided Lee with tiny moments of tranquility in otherwise tense days. 

Apparently this is a scene that happens over and over again in regions throughout the Middle East. American soldiers and workers find these canines wandering amongst the chaos and they latch on to each other.  Through the help of an organization called the Puppy Rescue Mission, they bring their “battle buddies” home with them.  The Mission provides medical care for the pups, gives them all their shots and arranges for their trips back to the states.

I’m afraid this is where my friend Lee’s story turns tragic.  On the day he was to ship Neda to his home in Tennessee, the vets determined that she was too sick to travel.  She had contracted an unknown illness.  A few nerve-racking days later, Neda died of the mysterious illness.  Lee lost his “battle buddy.” 

All of us who follow Lee on Facebook share his heartbreak and now his new-found cause.  He wants to raise awareness, and in turn money, for the Puppy Rescue Mission.  They need money to help fund for the care and transportation of these animals.  I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that these dogs in a very real way help save American lives.  They truly are the calm in the storm for most of these men and women. 

So, I ask you to join in the effort to give something back to these animals.  Join their Facebook group. Send them money.  Tell your friends.  Help these pups.

Here’s a link to their Facebook Group: Puppy Rescue Mission

7 thoughts on “Give to the Puppy Rescue Mission

  1. I am all to familiar with these stories…I donate to every rescue PRM posts. And Lee’s broke my heart. I lost my brother, Sgt. Peter Neesley, in Baghdad, Christmas morning ’07. He had befriended a mother dog and her puppy and was determined to bring them home once his troop came home on July. Unfortunately he did not live to see that day. And back then there were not wonderful agencies like PRM to help. But we got them home and they live happily in the land of the free because of the brave. You are right on…these dogs are so much more to these soliders. They are the reminder that there is good still in this world, that there is someone to be trusted in with their fears and heartaches. They are the little piece of normal in a totally abnormal place. They bring comfort that is beyond what any human could provide. Please continue to raise awareness about PRM and their noble mission. And please tell Lee…my heart is still breaking for him. Thank you for your sacrifices and your service. Love a very grateful Gold Star sister.

  2. I too donate to every rescue PRM posts. I do not know any of the men and women who risk their lives for me and the greater good, but it’s the least I can do for them and for the adorable animals whom they befriend. Lee’s story broke my heart too and here I am, days later, seeing photos of the two of them still brings tears to my eyes. I am truly sorry for your loss Lee. I am also sorry for your loss, Carey. I will continue to support PRM because I truly believe in their cause and giving back to the men and women who have given so much to me, a complete stranger. Thank you to everyone who makes it all possible and please help bring them all home safely.

  3. I too am an avid suporter ot PRM. I believe out of evil comes good and this organization keeps this statement true. Most of the days, miracles happen at this siite; some of the most caring, generous and kindhearted people are here. It gets me through some tough times and i make it a steady diet of logging on, responding and donating whatever i can, money, encouragement or just a listening ear. There is strength in numbers and PRM is an example of it. I came to this PRM after hearing the sad tragedy of the hero, Target ; i felt compelled to do something about the plight of these poor souls, and that is how i became a member of PRM. We laugh together, support each other, give info for networking and at times, like in the case of Neda”s death, cry and pray together. Lee has been an inspiration for all of us, We all have one very big thing in common, love of animals and Lee is certainly an Angel for those who have no voice on this earth.

  4. I recently became an avid follower of Puppy Rescue Mission, after finding them during a search to help a friend. A very special young man is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He is a corpsman serving with 3/9 marines. We couldn’t be more proud. His puppy will soon be featured on PRM chip-in page. She was at their camp from the last group of marines and quickly adopted our corpsman. He delivered her pups next to his cot. She goes out on patrol with him. When he had to go to another camp for a couple of weeks, she lost a lot of weight-when he returned, she resumed eating again and is looking like her old self. I know for him, she is a lifeline to normal in an otherwise hostile, foreign (in more ways than one) environment. Carey, I am so sorry for your profound loss. Your brother, Peter, must have been a truly special man. I’m happy his puppies made it stateside and they are there as a comfort for your family.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your comments. Keep spreading the word about PRM.

  6. Like so many others I am a supporter of Puppy Rescue Mission. i don’t remember how I found PRM but am surely glad that I did. I feel that giving a few bucks here and there is the least I can do to help the men and women that give so much for my freedom. Do you have to give a lot? Nope!! There is strength in numbers, so please check out the stories of these soldiers and their dogs. When Lee lost Neda I cried worse than when I lost my own dog. Why? Because these soldiers have so little and to loose the one thing that meant so much is heartbreaking. Please help make more happy endings.

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