One guilty dog and lots of rewrites

I’m working on rewrites of The Man Who Saved Two Notch, and I have to say I am pleased with the story after the first read.  That’s not the norm for me.  The last time it happened was after The Takers, and even then it was only about 75% pleased.  I’m hovering around the 90% mark on this one.   I’ll divulge more about the plotline at a later date, but on a completely separate note, here’s a video of a very guilty dog.  My theory is that the cat set him up.

Fake boob kills snake

A woman posing seductively with a snake received a painful bite on one of her augmented breasts from said snake, striking a blow to the purveyors of silicone breasts and bad taste everywhere.   But the story does not end there.  It seems the snake has paid dearly for its penchant for fake boobery.  The serpent has died of silicone poisoning.  So the question arises, does this make the score even between woman-kind and snakes? 

Here’s a video of the snakes enhanced bite!

This story comes from The Sun.

New Mock Cover and Title Change

Well, day one into the rewriting process, and I’ve already made one major rewrite.  The title has changed, and I’m pretty confident this is the permanent title.  Previously, I titled the book Saving Two Notch.  I thought it was okay, but it didn’t really speak to me. 

As I reached the end of the first draft, a new title suddenly came to me.  The new book is now called The Man Who Saved Two Notch.  Here’s the mock cover.  What do you think?

When the world ends, the lawless old West will rise again!