Tennessee lawmakers make South Carolina legislature look good

As a resident of South Carolina, I’d like to personally thank God for Tennessee politicians.  They’re so wacko they make our elected officials look sane.  In a move that flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution and insults the very idea of freedom, a state senator by the name of Stacey Campfield has introduced and maneuvered a bill through the senate that, if passed in the house, will make it illegal to mention homosexuality in any public school’s curriculum.

Apparently, Campfield has a deep burning desire to teach the young people of Tennessee how to trample on the civil rights of other Americans who don’t live a lifestyle he approves of.  Let’s not kid ourselves, he’s an anti-gay activist that is on a crusade to stamp out what he considers an affront to God. 

Denying another human being’s right to openly love the person of their choice is an affront to God. This is a law that will make young people already confused by their sexuality feel shame and self-loathing for how they feel.  It’s a law that panders to bigotry, and gives homophobics justification to spread their message of hate.     

Actor and gay activist George Takei has gotten behind the anti-“Don’t Say Gay” movement and is offering an alternative to the word gay so the young people and educators of the state of Tennessee can speak freely about homosexuality without making themselves criminals.  It sounds idiotic, but sometimes it’s the only way to beat idiots at their own game.

If you want to get involved to help defeat the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, join the Tennessee Equality Project.

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