Book Five of the Oz Chronicles: The Last Creyshaw (First 40 words)

After seeing a couple of comments from readers of the Oz Chronicles today, I realized I have neglected the topic on the blog for too long.  I wanted to get through Two Notch before I even thought about it.  I just did my last reading for Two Notch before I send it out to my agent, so I guess I can give Book Five some blog time.  It’s tentatively titled The Last Creyshaw.  Oz Chroniclers will know what a Creyshaw is so I won’t bother going into it.  The synopsis is done.  Meaning it has a beginning, middle and an end.  I just have to fill in the hundreds of pages of details.  But here is the first 40 words (which could change by the time it’s ready to publish).

They surfaced.  Dug their way out of the ground and killed one of us.  My gut ties in knots every time I think about it. We were all there, but there was nothing we could do.  Nothing. He was dead.

I know it’s not much, but Book Five is now officially underway. I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “Book Five of the Oz Chronicles: The Last Creyshaw (First 40 words)

  1. arrrg! Tease!! xD
    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait.

  2. Yet another captivating first sentence. I’ll be honest, I’ve never read better openers than in your books, sir.
    You appreciate the power of a little shock value. 😀

  3. Urghhh now I can’t wait til it’s out! I just wanna keep reading and reading! Lol can’t wait til its out. Probably finish it the first day its out! But thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. Honestly this sounds weird to me because it’s relating to book 2. What i’m wondering is why are you rewriting about Tyrone and his death in chapter one. BUT THAT’S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOUR BOOKS THEY ALWAYS HAVE MYSTERY IN THE FIRST SENTENCE AT LEAST :D!

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