Did a hunter kill a female Bigfoot and her offspring?

Don’t worry. It’s a photoshopped image.

I hate to do this to you non-Bigfooters, but I have to mark my return to the blog with a post about Bigfoot.  I know, I know.  My last post was about a Bigfoot press conference that we all knew was going to be bogus, so how can I possibly have the gnads to stay away so long only to bring more news on the topic?  Because it’s my blog, and I can ruin it anyway I want to.  I’ll be posting very soon about a new contest where I will be giving away prizes.  It has to do with The Man Who Saved Two Notch, so if you haven’t read it, you might want to start.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download an app for your computer to read it here; Free Kindle Reading Apps. And if you haven’t voted in my poll, you can do so
here; Want to win a prize? I’m celebrating the release of The Man Who Saved Two Notch on Kindle!  Now, back to our giant, hairy, biped friend.

The Bigfoot community is awash with kooks and wild claims that are usually ignored by even the most desperate of believers (BTW – I know the term believer hits a sour note with most Bigfoot researchers, but I find myself not caring.  Until indisputable proof is studied and confirmed, we’re all just believers. That’s the reality.  You look kind of silly fighting that fact.) .  Sometimes we’re fooled, but I dare say not as much as the general public is on the subject. For example, the Bigfoot in the freezer sham that occurred a few years ago was laughed at by most believers almost as soon as the story broke.  But for some inexplicable reason the mainstream media ran with it.  Bigfooters everywhere were scratching their heads.

A new bizarre tale of woe and intrigue has surfaced in the world of Bigfoot.  It’s long and involved and appears to have a multitude of major Bigfoot players involved.  More importantly, it gives legs to the rumors that there actually may be Bigfoot DNA in the hands of bona fide scientists.

The story plays out like a soap opera and comes from a blogger by the name of Robert Lindsay.   He claims to have talked with an unidentified,
but well connected man within the Bigfoot research circles that include the Erickson Project and Olympic Project, both of which have several DNA samples that have been analyzed by Dr. Melba Ketchum.  Those samples (as well as samples collected by other researchers such as Dave Paulides) have been included in a study by Dr. Ketchum and submitted for peer review so no one is talking until the study has been picked apart by the
scientific and academic communities.

I must pause here to tell you that I don’t know Robert.  We’ve had a couple of email exchanges, but that’s it.  I’ve perused his blog, and I have to admit I am uncomfortable with some of his views, particularly on race.  Instead of me misquoting him, this comes directly from his blog’s “About” section:

I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism is described as “a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.”… I admit I am what is called a “liberal racist.” I am also a “White man’s burden” racist, which is pretty much the same thing. I am also a “scientific racist,”  but I just call that telling the truth. In addition, I am a “colorblind  racist.” I’m comfortable with these political errors of thought.

I give you this information because I think the blogger is as much the story here as the story itself.  He’s not the type to hold back even at the
peril of his own reputation. That doesn’t mean he’s not capable of lying just because he’s forthright about his own views.  But it does lead one to believe that he holds honesty, no matter how unsavory, in high regard.  Don’t mistake that for admiration on my part.  It’s just an observation.

In so far as Robert’s connection, a person may have dismissed his claims – which I’ll spell out shortly -, but for one thing.  A number of people have come out verifying his story.  And this is despite the fact the man is unidentified.  His claims?  The man known simply as Bear Hunter claims that a hunter in California (near the Nevada border) shot and killed a mother Bigfoot and one of her offspring in November of 2010.  This claim seems to be supported by at the very least the Olympic Project, and may have even been referenced by Adrian Erickson in an interview long before Bear Hunter came forward with the story.

What happened after the shooting is unclear.  The only thing that is known for sure is that the hunter first made the shooting public on a taxidermy messageboard.  The story the man presented was that he was regretful and conflicted because he thought he may be arrested for killing the two creatures.  Except for the hair covered bodies and various other features, they appeared to be human.  He shot them, he says, because he thought they were bears.  Since Robert’s story, however, a witness to the shooting has come forward and claimed the hunter maliciously  shot the creatures.  In fact, he had to be physically restrained from killing a third animal described as a juvenile.

What happened to the bodies has become a mystery.  The shooter said he left them and wanted nothing to do with them.  Others say that he is in possession of the bodies and gave a sample cut from the thigh of the adult to the Olympic Project.  Still others say the man is a member of the Olympic Project.  The sample story does have some weight because according to, again, another unnamed source, Dr. Ketchum did receive
a hair covered sample that appeared to be cut from a thigh.

Now, outrage abounds within the Bigfoot community because it is so bizarre.  Members of the Olympic Project have actually verified the most sensational part of the story.  They say two bipedal hairy animals were indeed shot and killed by a hunter.  They seem to confuse matters by claiming they returned to the site of the shooting and while they didn’t find any bodies, they did find a chunk of a thigh that they sent to Dr. Ketchum.

Is any part of this story true? With the one exception that California does indeed border Nevada, I can’t tell you for sure.  It seems outrageous and fantastical, and I tend to doubt most of it, but I also doubted that a smart young congressman from New York would send pictures of his penis via Twitter to some woman he didn’t even know.  Crazier things have happened.

Here are the various links to stories and discussions about this topic if you’re interested:

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4 thoughts on “Did a hunter kill a female Bigfoot and her offspring?

  1. ….When I lived on the “Hamakua” coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, It would take an average of thirty five minutes and up to an hour for news that occurred in Kona (100 miles) to reach us. All at the local barber shop. The original facts got “thwarted” as the miles got closer whereas, instead of two pigs got stolen, it was five with the wife included.,,,,,,,!

    Now..lets assume that most whom will read this “reply” is “versed” in the abilities of our concerned friends here. If this is actually fact, then I believe that the near future will reveal it’s response also.

  2. If it is true or not.First of all if its true,where in the hell are the game wardens through out this whole sensational story.I watch the show on animal planet about the cali.gamewardens,& how they defend every living or dead creature.Ok,even if they dont believe in sasquatch,shouldnt they have investigated the bear shooting.Regardless he said he shot a juvenille,wether bear or squatch its against the law period.Also if this story is true he should be rotting away in prison ,not on a bigfoot game show.Now if its not true then thiers alot of egg on derek randels face.Either way this guy is a as$@$!e & should be shunned from rhe bigfoot community,not embraced by one of its biggest sanctions.

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