Twitter Needs Dead Comedians

I’ve been writing some stuff for Blogcritcs lately, and I’m actually having a great time doing it.  For some reason, I can cut loose on their site.  I have this fear that since I primarly write Young Adult fiction, I will corrupt the minds of my readers with my subversive and sometimes offensive views if I post them here.  Since I doubt my readers visit Blogcritics on a regular basis, it frees me up a bit.

So, young readers look away while I post this link to my latest Blogcritics post.  I call it Twitter Needs Dead Comedians.  It stems from a conversation I had with my wife.  We wondered what the world would be like if the dead had access to Twitter, specifically comics. I thought of things Sam Kinison might say, and she imagined Andy Kaufman tweeting his twisted and beautiful brains out.  Here’s a taste of the post:

Andy Kaufman would no doubt provide us with tweets that would give us a perfect  mix of confusion, enlightenment, and laughter. Office workers everywhere would  gather around their cubicles and dissect every one of the 140 characters like  Ivy Leaguers dissect the words of Yeats and Whitman.

You can read the entire article here: Twitter Needs Dead Comedians

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