We’re going to need a bigger boat!

Wow!  Just when you thought Florida cornered the market on alligators, someone by the name of “misscount” posts this video of what looks like a gator infestation in Charleston, SC.  The video description:

This was filmed from a jon boat on the west side of Goose Creek Reservoir just behind Trident Technical College in N. Charleston, SC.   They had torrential rain three days in a row and there was some oxygen  depletion in the water.

Use Emotion to Propel Your Story

This kid has got a great story to tell!

My latest post on CreateSpace is live for the masses.  It’s a little diddy I wrote on how emotion actually moves a story along.  Here’s a little taste:

Your  story will reflect life, even if it’s a fantasy novel with elves and unicorns. The emotions used to tell your story will be the same as those  you find in real life. You can’t invent new emotions to go along with your fictional world. Given that your emotional construct will reflect the real world, you’ll rely on two types of emotions: primary emotions and secondary emotions.

Your primary emotion will develop from your inciting incident.  This is the emotion that propels all of your main characters’ actions.  How they display and deal with the primary emotion will be the backbone of your story.

You can read the rest by clicking here: Use Emotion to Propel Your Story

Ray Lewis, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

Famous words that should have never been spoken:

“Do this research. If we don’t have a season, watch how much evil, which we call it crime, watch how much crime picks up when you take away our game.”   – Ray Lewis on the NFL lockout on May 23, 2011

Fast forward to the present, we have our football.  Everything should be evil free, right?  Wrong.  From the Oakland Tribune:

Two men are fighting for their lives after one was savagely beaten in a Candlestick Park bathroom during the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders exhibition game and another was shot several times after the game in a double shooting in the parking lot.

Someone please ask Ray Lewis why this happened.

Two men fighting for lives after bloody 49ers-Raiders game violence

It is on my mind – Scientific Inquiry

I watched the History Channel‘s from Ape to Man on Netflix last night (released in 2005), which is basically a history of our attempt to find the missing link.  Without calling it bias, it was really about the scientific communities changing bias over the centuries and how that bias led to rejecting significant fossil discoveries.  Decades later those fossils were re-examined and included in our lineage.  I’m sure the same is happening today.  The one thing we’ve never been able to do as a species is evolve non-biased thinking.  That bias is why the Piltdown Man was allowed to go unchecked for 40 years.

My concern with scientific inquiry is that science isn’t devoid of the vanity that comes from the desire to be right.  It’s so ingrained in we Homo sapiens that we don’t even recognize it at all or if we do, we don’t necessarily see it as a flaw. Being wrong is bad science, and no one wants to be a bad scientist.  The people who say what is and what isn’t rarely leave their egos at the door.  To say that’s not true is to ignore the history of science.

True scientific advancement comes from disconnecting from conventual thinking and risk being a bad scientist.  Maybe our society should put more of a premium on admitting when we’re wrong.  Maybe we should purge the word impossible and its variations from all languages.  I like the word improbable so much more because it leaves room for further consideration.  I say we should do the impossible and embrace the improbable.

But hey, I’m will to consider the possibility I’m wrong, no matter how improbable that may be.

BTW – This is not an argument for creationism.  I’m an evolutionist.  In the spirit of this post, let me just say that the creation theory is highly improbable.

Here is the UK’s version of the program.

Erickson Project’s Sleeping Sasquatch

Just having a little fun.  This is a compilation of various tweaks I made to the picture of the picture of the frame from the Erickson Project documentary.  You’ll noticed my thoughts on positioning have changed somewhat from my original prespective.  That’s what usually happens with blobsquatch material, so don’t take this too seriously.  It is what it is.

Update: I turned the comments off on the Youtube page because this was just meant to be fun, but someone took offense to the video.  Here’s the comment they left:

I feel drawing arbitrary outlines on a formless mass and labelling it with such terms as “butt” is equivalent to making both a judgment (“this photo is good enough that it’s worthy my time”) and a claim (“this is a butt”).  At least have the courage of your convictions.

All I can say is , REALLY?  I have no conviction about this image one way or the other because I can’t assert that I’m accurate with my outlines or labels.  This guy must be a blast at parties.

The NABS’ role in the ongoing Sasquatch DNA study

Founded in 2004

I realize it’s been Bigfoot central around here lately, but all signs are pointing to a major roll out of information over the coming weeks, and rumors, intrigue, speculation, etc. are at an all time high.  I’ve never seen a frenzy like this before.

A few days ago, I emailed the North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) about their director’s, David Paulides, upcoming appearance at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference.  I knew he had close ties to Dr. Ketchum and has even handled inquiries for her about the DNA analysis she’s doing (or has done depending on who you ask).  So, I asked point blank what they plan to talk about. You can read their answer here: Updateon Dr. Ketchum’s scheduled appearance at Honobia Bigfoot Festival andConference.

In addition to that particular answer they included the following information:

In a past blog you had used the word “Erickson Project.” For clarity purposes, North America Bigfoot search did a due diligence search and found Dr. Ketchum and utilized her to start a DNA project for us. We worked with her for many months on several specimens, she was not working with anyone else at that time. Dr. Ketchum and NABS decided we wanted a cross section of samples from North America and David Paulides and Dr. Ketchum went onto Coast to Coast radio and solicited others who had bigfoot samples to participate in our study at no cost to them. Erickson along with dozens of others (Individuals and Research Groups) listened to that show and started to participate.

I had actually recognized my mistake on that particular issue a couple of weeks ago, and wrote a blog post about it (The Ketchum Report). To be frank, I’ve noticed a subtle effort on the part of the Ketchum camp to distance themselves from the Erickson Project.  I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve seen it noted and corrected a few times that The Ketchum Report and the Erickson Project are two separate entities.  I would go so far as to say that point has been stressed on a number of occasions.

Since I had the ear of the NABS, I decided to ask them a few questions I had on my mind.  Nothing too probing, just stuff I’ve been thinking about. Here are those questions and answers for your own edification.

1. Generic DNA question: Is it your understanding that DNA without a living specimen is enough for the scientific community to recognize the existence of a species?

DNA is the fingerprint of life, it is what identifies species. If DNA has been generally accepted by science as being the key identification factor of any species, why wouldn’t this be enough….If the DNA in this study is unique…

2. From an outsider looking in, there appears to be a high degree of mudslinging and discontent among a few of the Bigfoot organizations and personalities.  Would you agree and if so, what do you think accounts for this behavior?

NABS will not and has not slung any dirt, we won’t participate in that behavior.  If you look at the history of bigfoot research going back 50 years almost all of the major books had “ape” in the title. What happens to the level of sales of those books if the DNA comes back as some type of human? Most of the “Big-Name” researchers from the last 50 years have bought into bigfoot being an ape and have leveraged sales of their books, websites, TV appearances and lectures on the ape theory, what happens to their ability to generate income if bigfoot DNA comes back as some type of human? We believe that many of these researchers are quite nervous about their position going forward if their hypothesis is proven wrong. NABS does not understand why these same researchers have completely ignored what Native Americans and First Nations People have stated, bigfoot is human and it is another tribe…David Paulides went into this topic and explained our hypothesis very thoroughly in “The Hoopa Project” and Tribal Bigfoot”.

3. Some in the community have expressed concerns over the NDA issue.  There are those who have experience submitting peer reviewed material and say NDAs were never a part of their process.  I’m wondering if you can address the need for NDAs concerning this DNA study?  In particular, people have commented that this is an attempt to control the purse strings and keep all the profits.  Do you anticipate that the study will lead to opportunities to make money or is that even a concern?

Prior to coming into bigfoot research David Paulides came from a technology background. All technology projects are covered by NDA’s, they are all considered intellectual property and all have value. The bigfoot DNA project has value as hundreds of thousands of dollars has been committed to the project. The people who committed to the project have the right to control whatever portion of the information they deem necessary. The reality, when scientists deliver white papers to science journals, these papers will not get peer reviewed unless the scientists reviewing the document have the first look at the facts behind science. If people are talking about the reality and facts behind the study, then those scientists don’t have the first look and peer review does not occur. Dr. Ketchum wants scientists who are not involved in this project to give the study their stamp of scientific approval (peer review) as this will quell much of the attacks the fringe element has tried to generate.

We have all seen fiasco’s occur in the way crypto research has been handled in the past, the bigfoot DNA project will not follow that path, it will follow protocol established in the scientific community.

4. Whenever contacted about his documentary, Adrian Erickson’s response has been that he won’t release the video until the DNA is released. Given that it was the NABS that initially brought Dr. Ketchum into the project and started the DNA analysis, can you confirm that there is no contractual link between the Erickson project and the Ketchum DNA report?

We have no idea if a relationship exists or what therelationship is between Dr Ketchum and Mr. Erickson.

5. The DNA study aside, there have been a number of eyewitnesses that attribute very human-like behavior to Sasquatch.  If it is true that these creatures are more human than ape, yet not totally human, how do you think we should proceed as a society in dealing with their rights?  One would think that habitat preservation won’t be enough.  Won’t we have to take steps to ensure that their culture is preserved, as well?

We will go back to “The Hoopa Project” and “Tribal Bigfoot”. Witnesses signed affidavits to what they viewed and their signtings were recorded in Mr. Paulides’ books. The best law enforcement forensic artist in the world, Harvey Pratt was brought in by NABS to meet with witnesses and draw what they observed, it was shocking to us at the time. Witnesses described a very human looking biped, that is what Mr. Pratt drew and all of the witnesses validated the sketches in the books as what they observed. We will acknowledge that bigfoot has physical differences to the point that humans are different. If you were from a jungle tribe in the Amazon and were put in a room with an NBA player, then a first Nations person, a Chinese person and a Norwegian, the tribal member would be in total shock at the physical differences, these are the same differences you will see in bigfoot, again explained in Mr. paulides’ books.

If bigfoot has DNA confirmed as Homo Sapiens, laws are in place to protect the biped, nothing needs to be done.

If bigfoot DNA comes back as something different then us, then laws have to be written protecting the species from us….

And scene.  I appreciate the NABS for taking the time to answer my questions.  And now to step away from all things Bigfoot and get back to writing Book Five of the Oz Chronicles.

Frame grab from the Erickson Project

So, Adrian Erickson recently did an interview in the Maple Ridge News (which sounds so Norman Rockwellian). It is fairly interesting and contained some information in it that I was not aware of. Here’s a link to Part One of the article: Sasquatch:Is it out there? It came out in the online version and print version of the Maple Ridge News. That’s significant, because the print version had an added element to the story. They included a picture of a frame from the Erickson documentary that supposedly has clear HD footage of a number of Sasquatches or Sasquatchi or Sasquai or Sassy’s or whatever the hell the plural is for Sasquatch. Anyway, the frame grab is of a female Sasquatch sleeping under a tree. It appears (appears meaning I’m speculating) that Erickson did not want a clean digital version of the frame grab online, so they were only allowed to put it in the print version.

The problem is an industrious member of the Bigfoot Forums snapped a picture of the newspaper and posted the twice removed image in the forums. I believe Mr. Erickson would have been better off letting the paper post the original image on their website because a picture of a picture is fuzzy and unclear, and it’s also not protected by copyright.

I’m posting the picture here for no other reason than it exists. I don’t endorse it. I don’t decry it. I don’t weep over it and thank the god’s above or curse the demons below. It’s a picture of picture that’s not a photograph, but a frame grab.  BTW – I tweaked the “creature” to bring out details. You can’t see her face.  She is lying in the fetal position with her head ducked down under her arm to shade herself from the sun.  That’s their description.  Not mine.  I will punch you if you accuse me of saying this image is legitimate.  I don’t know if it is.  I don’t know if it’s not. That’s the point.

One more thing, the original is not black and white.  Remember this was a picture taken of a picture in newspaper.

Note: Someone’s already come up with a different interpretation of the image.  They think the head is at the other end.  That’s the problem with blobsquatches.

Note 2: The Bigfoot Forums member just sent me a note and let me know he got the picture from a Facebook group.

Note 3: The Oregon Bigfoot Blog has a interpretation of the photo that makes me doubt mine.  Instead of the hand grasping its shoulder, they’ve made a pretty good case that hand is actually by the head.  Same fetal position, but arm is different than my outline.  Erickson Project Photo Release

Updated images on 8/20/2011




Update on Dr. Ketchum’s scheduled appearance at Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference

After I got over being annoyed by someone claiming that I was unfairly speculating about Dr. Ketchum’s appearance at Honobia (even though I clearly stated that I had no idea what the status of her report is or would be by the time of the conference), I emailed the conference organizer, Troy Hudson, and asked him for a comment.  Here is the email exchange:

Me: I recently posted a link to your website with Dr. Ketchum’s presentation in the headline.  It’s getting 10-1 traffic compared with my other posts.  I also noticed that quite a few have clicked on the link to your website.  I’m guessing you’re going to have a fairly good size crowd for the conference.  Do you have any details on what Dr. Ketchum will be presenting?

Troy’s reply: I am more about quality than quantity. Our committee is more concerened about presenting quality information that having worries about how many people come through the door. This year is about learning who and what they are.  Dr. Ketchum’s project is still in peer review. She was only added to the conference schedule due to deadlines on advertisement agendas. Several venues wanted our schedule because they were rolling out advertisement for several states across the US. We will have a number of people presenting topics that are related to the DNA project. We are not trying to give the impression that the DNA results are going to be discussed at the conference unless the peer review is complete. However everyone knows that she is the lead on the DNA for this project. She will be prepared to discuss things either way if it is out or not. She can’t go into detail about things unless it is out before the conference. If it isn’t I am sure she will discuss the road traveled up to where they are on it. If it is out, all bets are off, no telling what is going to be talked about at the  conference. Either way it will be interesting. Hope that helps.

To add to the conversation, I contacted the North American Bigfoot Search for any information they could offer on behalf of David Paulides, since he is working with Dr. Ketchum on the project and will also be speaking on the same day at Honobia.  Here is their reply.

If we stated that David Paulides/North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) and Dr Ketchum were going to speak about DNA then the implication is that the paper has been submitted, we cannot deny or confirm this has occurred. If the DNA paper has not completed peer review by the time of the conference, then Mr. Paulides and Dr. Ketchum either will not appear or will discuss other topics.

I’ll be posting more on the NABS, but for now this is the information available from the main players, with exception of Dr. Ketchum herself.  Frankly, I’m pretty sure she would say basically the same thing as Troy Hudson and the NABS.

Cam Newton’s Grade in his NFL debut

Your starting QB by the 4th game of the regular season for the Carolina Panthers

Granted it was just a preseason game, but plenty of number ones have tanked in the preseason. Newton did good but not great. He had some good, crisp passes and only one or two errant throws. The Panthers should really be worried about the number two wide receiver more than anything because there were a number of bad routes and dropped passes, but I digress. Newton never let a play collapse into a scramble and run. He was sacked a couple of times, but those sacks weren’t his fault. He looked impressive driving the team down for a score with less than a minute left in the first half. His best attribute was his demeanor. He was amazingly loose for someone playing in his first NFL game. I was impressed. His overall grade is a solid B.

In my opinion, the Panthers are trying to work Clausen into a player with Kolb-esque trade value. He’ll get some playing time this year, but the bulk of the snaps will go to Newton.