Caught in the middle

How I feel after a day of weeding through political posts on Facebook - drained of my life force

I feel awkward. I have Facebook friends of both the right and left persuasions. I have my political views but I keep them tucked away, only to be used in extreme cases of outrage and public pandemonium. I do not engage in the political speak that goes on in open forums. I find them pointless for the most part. But I have friends that grunt and growl and spit out their political observations on Facebook on an almost daily basis. And I have found one common theme among these Friends. Whether they are left or right, Democrat, Republican or Tea, they are all angry, angry to disturbing degrees in most cases. My Friends on the left use a greater number of four letter words to describe their anger, while my Friends on the right use a greater number of God condemning passages to express theirs. But it all leads to the same result. They’re so angry they’re not listening. They’re just shouting.

It’s this same approach and attitude that has Congress facing a 10% approval rating. They aren’t listening to each other. They’re shouting. I don’t know if they are reflecting the general disposition of the public or if the public is mimicking Congress. Whatever the situation, it’s a useless tactic that leaves those of us willing to listen to both sides feeling like there’s really nothing worth listening to from either side.

My dad told many years ago that zealotry is the pathway to ruin. I didn’t really understand him at the time, but now I do.

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