Dr. Melba Ketchum scheduled to speak about Sasquatch DNA on October 1, 2011

Read into this what you will - Click on image to go to Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference for details

I have no idea if the Ketchum Report will be out by then, but it seems odd to me that she would schedule to speak publicly about Sasquatch DNA if the paper is still in the peer review process, particularly since she’s been so careful not to violate protocal to this point.

Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference

UPDATE – It looks like Dr. Kethum’s addition to the schedule bumped a wedding, so either she’s got something really important to say or someone in the wedding party got cold feet.

Schedule before Dr. Ketchum signed on to speak.

15 thoughts on “Dr. Melba Ketchum scheduled to speak about Sasquatch DNA on October 1, 2011

  1. I’m doing a facts and jokes book on Sasquatch called Save Our Sasquatch. Many of the cartoons, beautifullly done by the way, are a humourous take on real life incidents. For Thirty years or so these beings have captured my interest, since Dr. Krantz discovered footprints of a crippled child sas in the forests of Eastern Washington near where I, also crippled, was born. To see some of them go to my website http://www.saveoursasquatch.com and you are free to make commentry. I hope to be at events and meet in person people I consider as friends
    They, the sas, have come to me in dreams to see how I am doing since I am trying to let others know thru my book that they have the right to be left in peace and at least treated with respect.
    They have been friendly. Not nightmares. More like dream neighbors.
    There are no rules on my website because you already know them and to ignore common courtesy will only get you deleted, of course. Which you already know.
    My days grow few and this is the last hurruh so to speek.
    The purpose of the book is to bring cheer to all and peace to/for both types of two legged uprights.

  2. The American Journal of Physical Anthropology is where I’m guessing we could see the article.

  3. or maybe they had an attack of good taste and decided a bigfoot conference was not the place to be wed.

  4. great news the wedding is still on!

  5. I am sure if you email Mr. Hudson at honobiaconference@yahoo.com he will be more than happy to answer your questions about why Dr. Ketchum is on the conference schedule. Guesses and speculation to why and how is disrespectful. I would just ask Mr. Hudson he will be very upfront and tell you what’s going on. Don’t speculate if you don’t have all the facts, extend them the courtesy to ask before guessing what is going on. Thank you.

    • Speculation is perfectly acceptable and courteous on my blog as long as you state that’s what you’re doing. There’s nothing disrespectful about it. It’s human nature, and I’m a naturalist.

      BTW – The irony here is that you speculated that Mr. Hudson would want to receive an email from me asking for a detailed description of Dr. Ketchum’s presentation.

      • Well if you go back and re-read what I wrote “if you email Mr. Hudson, he will be more than happy to answer your questions.” I have wrote him many times and he is always respectful and answers me with straight answers. I only suggest that you email him to get the truth instead of speculating what is going on with the conference. There you go speculating what you think instead of getting the facts. That is what is wrong with this country, people jump to conclusions instead of getting the facts before opening their mouth.

      • Okay, since you’re into re-reading, you should re-read my post. You yourself jumped to a conclusion. I stated that I have no idea if the report will be out by then. I emailed Mr. Hudson, and he basically said the same thing. And, my opinion was that I find it odd she would schedule a presentation before the paper is published. I do think that’s odd. I’m not speculating or jumping to the conclusion that the paper will be out by then. I don’t know if it will be. You jumped to the conclusion that I was indeed saying that. You have a habit of not practicing what you preach, Tom. But you and I are both human, so we’re bound to demonstrate inconsistency here and there.

        I’m going to jump to conclusion again, so get ready. You’re probably a nice guy, and I’m sure many people in your life think you’re a wonderful person. So, with that in mind, I wish you luck and much happiness.

  6. Tom Moore could be another sockpuppet of Troy Hudson’s, the way he blows smoke up Troy’s skirt. That seems to be the MO for all of Troy’s sockpuppets, to make Troy look good. Don’t believe me, check out the blog http://troyhudson.blogspot.com and see how many times he has done this in the past.

  7. And what what did she talk about? Its now october 3…

  8. Dr. Ketchum canceled her personal appearance on Thursday before the conference. I didn’t receive confirmation in time to post her cancellation. There are rumors why she canceled, but I don’t want to post those because again, I don’t have confirmation on those rumors.

    She appeared via video. The only signification revelation I’ve heard is that 9 different labs have worked with the samples in her study.

  9. Like many I am still waiting, my peers and academic contacts long ago ignoring my references to this study. I am anxious to see it published and if more time is required for whatever relates to that, so be it.

    I also know that more samples and labs are addressing this. And it matters not to me if any of the participants consider this a race or competition of “discovery.” (anyone else rail at that term? discoverer….?). What does matter is honest science and good ethics, motives. It does matter, all of it.

    So, I just want to encourage those who protest and those who defend. No one owns “the hunt” or “pursuit” . Doesn’t that remain open….what is troubling to me is the blockade of apparent power, or alignment of certain parties “in,” that prevents those “out” from accessing the same platforms, whether media or scientific analysis, or money! This “BF filed” is a chaotic free for all…and those “in” generally present their stance as reasonable and others not…and so on.

    It’s been going on…well from this relative newbee’s perspective, since the PG days. It is that kind of greed (yep, no other word…my term Bigfoot Fever is just a kinder way of expressing the same motive..regardless of what one is greedy for) has kept advancement at a crawl….

    It seems so obvious that a combined article of all the data…from the tiny but braggart websites of BF hunters to the distanced Meldrum should have happened long ago….and a Trust for BF study..etc, etc. But all it seems want to “own” the research and “discovery.”

    I am sure Ketchum will argue, but that is what she has done….and yes, it’s true in that finally many, many independent BFers samples are brought under one study., but it doesn’t appear she is cooperating with them, in that most all seem to be in the dark about what their sample means….and a few other, what one might call cracks, in that argument…from not reporting the Sierra Kills..to ever tightening NDA’s….. I don’t know what’s true on all these posts, etc…but often there is fire with smoke.

    Why not more studies now? I am told Richard Stubstad (who cried foul after initial involvement with study) intends to personally deliver samples to the Max Planck Institute w/o requiring NDA’s and one retains rights. Sounds like some good samples collected so far and finances handled…..I believe he can just be Googled to get a contact email

    Personally, I am not happy with many of the personalities involved and their public statements. Even mine and I am nobody. To even speak up in this field is invite a dogfight…really astonishing and there seems to be no “professional” limits to the back stabbing as one even finds in minimal form in academia.

    But it all points to the really ridiculous state of “BF Research” and the many weird media outlets.we continue to feed the “Myth” and the public perception of ego driven, gullible idiots running around the backwoods with butt cracks and camo. (is it really a contrived “Myth” born perhaps by our own Government in the 1950’s and after the PG event?…Robert .Lyle Laverty knows.)

    Lets just keep getting samples in to labs….Ketchum is booked and deep….so why not Stubstad? or …did I read somewhere a Prof Brian Sykes (oh I got that name wrong…someone please correct it) in the UK is also involved in some DNA work? among others?

    We could broader our horizons, maybe it’s time for lack of any other information? Independant BFers are a large portion, I hear, of the sample base…sending in samples after a radio show…surely there is more out there…

    Also, I would like to suggest – to honor the many., many Bf Researchers (yep all of us) that we begin to “vote” on a taxonomic designation…LOL…seriously, now is the time to have some pride in the “discovery” if it must be labeled that…and a majority vote of so many thousands of witnesses and involved researchers would be a way to honor those efforts….

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