Cam Newton’s Grade in his NFL debut

Your starting QB by the 4th game of the regular season for the Carolina Panthers

Granted it was just a preseason game, but plenty of number ones have tanked in the preseason. Newton did good but not great. He had some good, crisp passes and only one or two errant throws. The Panthers should really be worried about the number two wide receiver more than anything because there were a number of bad routes and dropped passes, but I digress. Newton never let a play collapse into a scramble and run. He was sacked a couple of times, but those sacks weren’t his fault. He looked impressive driving the team down for a score with less than a minute left in the first half. His best attribute was his demeanor. He was amazingly loose for someone playing in his first NFL game. I was impressed. His overall grade is a solid B.

In my opinion, the Panthers are trying to work Clausen into a player with Kolb-esque trade value. He’ll get some playing time this year, but the bulk of the snaps will go to Newton.

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