Erickson Project’s Sleeping Sasquatch

Just having a little fun.  This is a compilation of various tweaks I made to the picture of the picture of the frame from the Erickson Project documentary.  You’ll noticed my thoughts on positioning have changed somewhat from my original prespective.  That’s what usually happens with blobsquatch material, so don’t take this too seriously.  It is what it is.

Update: I turned the comments off on the Youtube page because this was just meant to be fun, but someone took offense to the video.  Here’s the comment they left:

I feel drawing arbitrary outlines on a formless mass and labelling it with such terms as “butt” is equivalent to making both a judgment (“this photo is good enough that it’s worthy my time”) and a claim (“this is a butt”).  At least have the courage of your convictions.

All I can say is , REALLY?  I have no conviction about this image one way or the other because I can’t assert that I’m accurate with my outlines or labels.  This guy must be a blast at parties.

One thought on “Erickson Project’s Sleeping Sasquatch

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