Frame grab from the Erickson Project

So, Adrian Erickson recently did an interview in the Maple Ridge News (which sounds so Norman Rockwellian). It is fairly interesting and contained some information in it that I was not aware of. Here’s a link to Part One of the article: Sasquatch:Is it out there? It came out in the online version and print version of the Maple Ridge News. That’s significant, because the print version had an added element to the story. They included a picture of a frame from the Erickson documentary that supposedly has clear HD footage of a number of Sasquatches or Sasquatchi or Sasquai or Sassy’s or whatever the hell the plural is for Sasquatch. Anyway, the frame grab is of a female Sasquatch sleeping under a tree. It appears (appears meaning I’m speculating) that Erickson did not want a clean digital version of the frame grab online, so they were only allowed to put it in the print version.

The problem is an industrious member of the Bigfoot Forums snapped a picture of the newspaper and posted the twice removed image in the forums. I believe Mr. Erickson would have been better off letting the paper post the original image on their website because a picture of a picture is fuzzy and unclear, and it’s also not protected by copyright.

I’m posting the picture here for no other reason than it exists. I don’t endorse it. I don’t decry it. I don’t weep over it and thank the god’s above or curse the demons below. It’s a picture of picture that’s not a photograph, but a frame grab.  BTW – I tweaked the “creature” to bring out details. You can’t see her face.  She is lying in the fetal position with her head ducked down under her arm to shade herself from the sun.  That’s their description.  Not mine.  I will punch you if you accuse me of saying this image is legitimate.  I don’t know if it is.  I don’t know if it’s not. That’s the point.

One more thing, the original is not black and white.  Remember this was a picture taken of a picture in newspaper.

Note: Someone’s already come up with a different interpretation of the image.  They think the head is at the other end.  That’s the problem with blobsquatches.

Note 2: The Bigfoot Forums member just sent me a note and let me know he got the picture from a Facebook group.

Note 3: The Oregon Bigfoot Blog has a interpretation of the photo that makes me doubt mine.  Instead of the hand grasping its shoulder, they’ve made a pretty good case that hand is actually by the head.  Same fetal position, but arm is different than my outline.  Erickson Project Photo Release

Updated images on 8/20/2011




Update on Dr. Ketchum’s scheduled appearance at Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference

After I got over being annoyed by someone claiming that I was unfairly speculating about Dr. Ketchum’s appearance at Honobia (even though I clearly stated that I had no idea what the status of her report is or would be by the time of the conference), I emailed the conference organizer, Troy Hudson, and asked him for a comment.  Here is the email exchange:

Me: I recently posted a link to your website with Dr. Ketchum’s presentation in the headline.  It’s getting 10-1 traffic compared with my other posts.  I also noticed that quite a few have clicked on the link to your website.  I’m guessing you’re going to have a fairly good size crowd for the conference.  Do you have any details on what Dr. Ketchum will be presenting?

Troy’s reply: I am more about quality than quantity. Our committee is more concerened about presenting quality information that having worries about how many people come through the door. This year is about learning who and what they are.  Dr. Ketchum’s project is still in peer review. She was only added to the conference schedule due to deadlines on advertisement agendas. Several venues wanted our schedule because they were rolling out advertisement for several states across the US. We will have a number of people presenting topics that are related to the DNA project. We are not trying to give the impression that the DNA results are going to be discussed at the conference unless the peer review is complete. However everyone knows that she is the lead on the DNA for this project. She will be prepared to discuss things either way if it is out or not. She can’t go into detail about things unless it is out before the conference. If it isn’t I am sure she will discuss the road traveled up to where they are on it. If it is out, all bets are off, no telling what is going to be talked about at the  conference. Either way it will be interesting. Hope that helps.

To add to the conversation, I contacted the North American Bigfoot Search for any information they could offer on behalf of David Paulides, since he is working with Dr. Ketchum on the project and will also be speaking on the same day at Honobia.  Here is their reply.

If we stated that David Paulides/North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) and Dr Ketchum were going to speak about DNA then the implication is that the paper has been submitted, we cannot deny or confirm this has occurred. If the DNA paper has not completed peer review by the time of the conference, then Mr. Paulides and Dr. Ketchum either will not appear or will discuss other topics.

I’ll be posting more on the NABS, but for now this is the information available from the main players, with exception of Dr. Ketchum herself.  Frankly, I’m pretty sure she would say basically the same thing as Troy Hudson and the NABS.

Cam Newton’s Grade in his NFL debut

Your starting QB by the 4th game of the regular season for the Carolina Panthers

Granted it was just a preseason game, but plenty of number ones have tanked in the preseason. Newton did good but not great. He had some good, crisp passes and only one or two errant throws. The Panthers should really be worried about the number two wide receiver more than anything because there were a number of bad routes and dropped passes, but I digress. Newton never let a play collapse into a scramble and run. He was sacked a couple of times, but those sacks weren’t his fault. He looked impressive driving the team down for a score with less than a minute left in the first half. His best attribute was his demeanor. He was amazingly loose for someone playing in his first NFL game. I was impressed. His overall grade is a solid B.

In my opinion, the Panthers are trying to work Clausen into a player with Kolb-esque trade value. He’ll get some playing time this year, but the bulk of the snaps will go to Newton.

Dr. Melba Ketchum scheduled to speak about Sasquatch DNA on October 1, 2011

Read into this what you will - Click on image to go to Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference for details

I have no idea if the Ketchum Report will be out by then, but it seems odd to me that she would schedule to speak publicly about Sasquatch DNA if the paper is still in the peer review process, particularly since she’s been so careful not to violate protocal to this point.

Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference

UPDATE – It looks like Dr. Kethum’s addition to the schedule bumped a wedding, so either she’s got something really important to say or someone in the wedding party got cold feet.

Schedule before Dr. Ketchum signed on to speak.

Does Bigfoot get high?

Because Bigfoot got high, because he got high, because he got high!

For the sake of argument, let’s say the Ketchum report, the Erickson Project, the Olympic Project, and David Paulides (did I miss anyone?) all produce conclusive proof that there is such a creature as Bigfoot.  I can already hear some of you out there snickering.  I said “For the sake of argument,” so go with it.  Yes, it will pose huge anthropological implications for humans.  It will test this country’s reliance on our own natural resources.  It will push our government to take an even more restrictive approach to protecting forested lands.  Basically it would create a perfect storm of ideological conflict all over the planet.

But those questions are much too heady for my simple brain.  What I want to know is does Bigfoot get high?  Silly question, you say?  Not so silly, I retort!  There was a recent story on the Chicago Tribune website about the discovery of a large marijuana farm hidden within Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin.  For those of you who don’t know, National Forests are prime Bigfoot hangout spots.  The eight-foot-tall, hairy, bipedal, dude is a big fan of the great outdoors, especially where it’s particularly dense with trees for hiding and critters for eating.

This cannabis find is not an isolated event.  It happens quite regularly.  When I was a young man, even I came across some marijuana plants in the woods.  Pot growers will plant their seed anywhere they think it is out of sight of the prying eyes of state and federal officials.

So, does Bigfoot take advantage of the ganja planted in their backyards?  I’m not suggesting that the big guy is firing up a fatty.  I’m wondering if this currently unknown species of Hominid eats the 5 to 9 distinctive leaflets of the plant.  The plant has a very distinctive odor and does have some legitimate medicinal purposes.  By all accounts (although mythical they may be), Bigfoot is a higher order primate that displays sophisticated critical thinking skills.  It only stands to reason that they are aware of the plants health and healing benefits.  Couldn’t one deduce that such a creature does indeed consume its fair share of cannabis and in the process, party like a frat boy?  Let’s face it; a euphoric feeling is an unavoidable side effect of marijuana, no matter how it gets into your system.

So what say you, dear reader?  Is Bigfoot a pothead?

My Latest CreateSpace post – Getting to know your characters

Here’s my latest contribution to the CreateSpace blog.  As always, be sure to join the community if you want to get some excellent advice on writing, publishing, filmmaking, music, virtually anything creative.  There are a lot of great people to connect with and learn from.

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