People want to kill Chris Pratt because he does not want his cat (Boom! Take that Dr. Seuss!)

What the hell?  Actor Chris Pratt (Andy on Parks and Recreation) dared to admit on Twitter that he wanted to find a good home for his cat basically because it craps all over the house.  He and his wife are planning on having a baby, and unfettered cat poop isn’t very conducive to good child rearing.  It sounds like a totally sane and responsible thing to do.  But, some tweaked out cat lovers took to Twitter and taunted Pratt with death threats!

Really?  If you’re threatening some poor guy for trying to find a loving home for a cat, you have really hit the bottom of the self-righteous barrel.  Here’s an idea.  How about putting some of that energy into helping solve the world hunger problem?  Or, if you want to stay with a cat-theme outrage, try volunteering at the SPCA or some local cat sanctuary.  Spewing out venom at some guy for doing right by a crapoholic cat is just a tad… nut-baggish!

I’m happy to report that Pratt actually handled the whole thing with a pretty good sense of humor.  You can get more details and read an excerpt from his blog on the Huffington Post: Chris Pratt Gives His Cat Up For Adoption, Explains On Blog

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