Let’s face it, our ancestors were a little slutty

Uka is thankful for fire.

A new study out of Uppsala University in Sweden strongly indicates that ancestors to humans slept around; crossing the species lines numerous times creating strings of hybridizations that jumbled up gene pools and made for very awkward family gatherings at Thanksgiving. How awkward? Picture an Amish boy bringing Snookie home to meet his parents… or any guy bringing Snookie home to meet his parents.

From the article Siberians share DNA with extinct human species in The Telegraph:

Professor Mattias Jakobsson, of Uppsala University in Sweden who conducted the study together with graduate student Pontus Skoglund, said hybridisation took place at several points in evolution and the genetic traces of this can be found in several places in the world.

He said: “We’ll probably be uncovering more events like these.

“Previous studies have found two separate hybridisation events between so-called archaic humans – different from modern humans in both genetics and morphology – and the ancestors of modern humans after their emergence from Africa.

I find this study to be extremely cool. I’ve long believed that the deeper we dig into our evolutionary past, the more we’ll discover that we Homo sapiens didn’t drive other hominid groups to extinction through murder and mayhem, but through love and understanding which resulted into widespread genetic integration. You can read between the lines there.

In fact, this is part of the current discussion going on within the Bigfoot community. Unsubstantiated and unauthorized leaked results of Dr. Ketchum’s DNA study suggest our giant man of the forests could be a hybrid species that is part modern human and part unknown archaic hominid species. In fact, some have even gone on to say that the study shows that the genetic gap between Bigfoot and human is smaller than that of our closest known living ancestor, chimpanzees – 37.5% closer, to be exact.

Of course, no one really knows what Dr. K has, so for now we have to dismiss any discussion about the study as hearsay. In the literal sense, she’s made no known discovery. On the other hand, Professor Jakobsson has, and I’m interested to see where his study takes us.

Note to Snookie fans: I’m sorry if I offended you, but in my defense, I didn’t think you could read.

3 thoughts on “Let’s face it, our ancestors were a little slutty

  1. Not sure why I am bothering, but I notice you actually wrote a bit original…most of the sites pick this story up as an AP storyline…but all, even here I think, fail to name the study and what Journal it was Published in!….

    So here is link to all he has out now and it is impressive…see Feb 2011..wow I have to get that one…College Libraries usually give you the article for price to print out….otherwise it’s file-share or very expensive subscriptions…

    Check out the one of hybrids using dogs/wolves…

    So, LOL… I imagine the peer review on BF is tough!

    Cross our fingers though….. I favor H. erectus evolved/crossbred and a little Neanderthal too..it was a party for a long time!

  2. Oh – 13 of the articles are free. I think Nature has also made all articles that are the first to publish a primate genome are free too. So that BF article should be free to us all (there might be a window before available free – can’t recall offhand)

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