Crappy handyman returns

The other day I stuck the key in the lock to my house so I could go out and about and run some errands.  To my surprise, when I pulled the key out, the key hole came out with it.  I had no idea it was possible to pull a key hole out.  So, I bought a new lock and installed it today.  It took me three times as long as the normal human being, and I’m sure I did something wrong because as we all know, I am the world’s crappiest handyman.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s an old video I did of me… fixing a mistake I made concerning the purchase of a refrigerator.  BTW – If you’ve seen me lately and you’re wondering who the fat guy is in the video, it’s me. I’ve shed 40 plus pounds since I shot this.

One thought on “Crappy handyman returns

  1. I can relate! The difference is that I would have given up after thirty minutes (and I would be a very foul mood).

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