Dr. Ketchum’s paper will not be published in Nature

It was reported here as a rumor, but other bloggers reported it as a fact that Dr. Ketchum’s paper will be published in the science journal Nature.  According to Dr. Ketchum herself, this isn’t true.  She posted the following on her Facebook page in response to someone expressing their excitement that the study will appear in Nature:

Somebody commented on this in a blog as a speculation but it is misinformation.  The person with the blog ran with it.  We are not announcing any potential journal or publication date until we are allowed to do so by the editors of the publication.  I will say that our paper is not with the Nature group.  What we are currently doing and where the paper is/is not cannot be discussed.  Thank you for the interest though.  It will come out when it is supposed to come out.  I am sure of that and it shouldn’t take that much longer.
I wouldn’t read too much into the last line of her statement.  It will happen when it happens.


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