Adrian Erickson & the Larry Surface Video

UPDATE 12/03/2011: Dr. Ketchum just made a statement about Erickson on FB.  You can read it here: Ketchum on Erickson

This week saw two separate developments that caught the attention of cryptophiles everywhere. First, The Erickson Project website went offline very quietly. No official word has been released by Adrian Erickson nor has any member of his team spoken off the record about the sudden vanishing. We are left with nothing but rumors. When you think about it, it’s a fitting end to the mysterious project because nothing but a constant stream of rumors swirled around Erickson and his team since word of the project first hit the crypto-world.

A story appeared in the Osoyoos Times that hints as to a major reason Erickson pulled the rug out from under the project. We of crypto inclinations have been so involved in the steady drip of stories surrounding Erickson’s documentary and project, we forgot that the man actually owns an honest to goodness development company. By all accounts, it was a very successful business. Unfortunately, ‘was’ is the key word here. Erickson, like most land developers, has taken a hit during these unfavorable economic times. Here is a quote from the Osoyoos Times’ story REGAL RIDGE UNDER SIEGE:

The letter acknowledged that Regal Ridge (Adrian Erickson’s development company) was undergoing restructuring and downsizing. Certain costs for infrastructure development, said Erickson, would have to be shifted. Causes for the shortage of funds was attributed to the decline in the economic climate, competition from crushed housing prices in the U.S. Sunbelt and “uncontrollable power infrastructure costs.”

The letter stated that three quarters of lots had services in place and the company was working to find a solution for the others, with support from its creditors.

This is not a fun thing for anyone to have to deal with. Jobs and livelihoods are at stake here, so I can’t really blame him from walking away from something that amounts to a hobby. The footage he has isn’t definitive enough to stand on its own. He made the decision to tie his documentary to Dr. Ketchum’s DNA study to give the film more validity. You have to admire him for sticking to his guns and not damaging the integrity of the work his team has done in favor of getting a quick buck. My feeling is that he pulled the website down simply because he’s trying to keep his development company solvent and there’s no reason to compound an already difficult task by being known as the Bigfoot guy. Closing down the Erickson Project was a business decision and nothing more.

On to Larry Surface. Larry is a retired gentleman who lives in Southern Ohio. I knew nothing about him until this week. He had a blog chronicling his research in his area surrounding what he calls the “Wild People.” You might know these wild people as Bigfoot. Larry announced this week that he captured one of the wild people on a camera he set up in a location he would like to keep undisclosed. The video made a brief appearance on his blog, and it clearly showed a humanoid subject from mid-back up walking on and off camera, and then on and off camera again. What he actually caught on camera is up for debate. Like most videos in this field, it’s blurry and grainy. Larry is convinced it is an undocumented bipedal hominid. This is normally where I would provide a link to the video, but Larry took the video down because he says he was asked to by none other than Dr. Melba Ketchum. It seems she has been looking for supporting evidence in the form of video or still images to accompany her study. Evidently Larry has provided samples to Dr. K’s study, and he says she has an interest in including the video in her study. Larry not only pulled the video. He shut down his blog because he was tired of the negative comments.

I will close this story with this. I was able to capture a frame from that video that I post here now without comment. It’s the same frame repeated a number of times from its original incarnation through various other incarnations with filters and tweaks applied to bring out details. You be the judge. If you do want to comment, be as supportive or as critical as you want, but please be constructive, as well.

UPDATE 11/21/2011: Larry respectfully requested that I remove the image from my blog. 

10 thoughts on “Adrian Erickson & the Larry Surface Video

  1. Those profiles are really impressive. I am not from southern Ohio, but I heard that those folks down there also belong to Homo sapiens sapiens. Therefore it would be a rather un-typical Ohioan pictured here. Skull and neck really look very archaic, the face features seem to be more modern. Especially the chin and the rather “long” and seemingly narrow nose make me understand that many sceptics think this is just an “old gentleman” walking through the night. Sadly one cannot see from those pictures how hairy this guy is. However: if this is not some very strange looking Ohioan having sleeping problems in the middle of the forest, then I guess this could be the real thing. At least if you believe the newest rumours that BF are humans and that there are different looking sub-populations across North America.
    Best, Joerg

  2. BTW – I’ve been asked what I think Larry caught on tape. I don’t want to say publicly because it may skew some opinions. Everyone should just draw their own conclusion. I’m pretty sure I know what this is a picture of, but I could be wrong.

  3. I can’t get over how many non-BF witessess are sure it isn’t a BF!

  4. You mention that the footage that Erickson has isn’t definitive enough to stand on its own but I have heard otherwise from folks at the BFRO who have seen the footage themselves (so they say). The footage includes close-ups that are so close that you can see tongue color. From what I understand, the footage leaves no doubt of what you are seeing–it makes the Patterson Gimlin footage pale in comparison. One of the rumors I have heard is that the footage was sold to the Discovery Channel. I’d like to see more conversation take place openly about what the hell is going on with this information that is being withheld from science and to the people.

    • The only reason I said it wasn’t good enough to stand on it’s own is because it didn’t. Erickson has had some of the footage since 2005. I understanding waiting to collect data and DNA evidence, but if the footage is as unequivocal as some have claimed, then Erickson made a grave error in not using the power of the Internet to bolster his project. A video as you described would surely go viral and force at least a few mainstream scientists to take notice. I’m not suggesting he post all his footage, but a small snippet or a single clear frame would have been better than nothing.

      • Interesting. I have had it described to me in no uncertain terms as mind-blowing. As I said, tongue, eyes very close up and more intimate details. Something is off here.

  5. And RW, I’d prefer you comment on what you think was in that video. We need to have open discussions about this stuff in order to get to the bottom of it–there’s enough secrecy about this topic coming from people who supposedly are in-the-know. Thanks

    • I agree, and if I had access to the original footage and examined it, I may be a little more open with my opnion, but I examined it by capturing the video stream via my desktop and taking out a few frames. There is a significant amount of digital distortion. I feel like it isn’t very fair of me to share my opinion based on what i worked with. If Larry would like to make the original file available to me, I’d certainly share my opinion on what I might find there.

      • Gotcha. Let’s hope we get to see more of his material moving forward and he gets even better stuff.

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