Why there is no such thing as a football expert

I listened to ESPN radio last week and the commentators were lamenting the upcoming college football weekend. They were convinced it… and I’m paraphrasing here… was totally going to blow. One of them was even a little irritated by all this talk about an LSU/Alabama rematch in the BCS championship game. According to him, Oregon was clearly better than Alabama.

To all their kvetching I say, HA! It was probably the most exciting weekend in college football this season. Number two Oklahoma State fell to 27 point underdog Iowa State. Number four Oregon fell to a slightly above average Southern Cal despite USC’s attempt to hand the Duck’s the game on a silver platter. Number five Oklahoma fell to a Baylor team that lives and dies by the play of its quarterback. Lucky for the Bears he was his super version against the Sooners. And finally, number seven Clemson was dominated by lowly North Carolina State.

Where does that leave us? That leaves us with the SEC West taking the top three spots in the polls this week. LSU will remain number one. Bama will slide up to number two, and thanks to the meltdown by the rest of the top five, Arkansas will jump up to number three, setting up a showdown between number one LSU against number three Arkansas next week.

I cannot recall in my lifetime when three teams from the same division of a conference has ever been in the top three this late in the season, and if Arkansas beats LSU, the BCS will go into a tailspin. Which is why I am calling for everyone to toss a coin into a fountain and spend your wish on a Razorback’s victory? Then toss in another coin and ask for world peace just so you won’t look like a total jerk.

The little girl in the video below sums up how I feel after hearing those so-called college football experts bitch and moan about the quality of football this weekend.

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