Eat Less Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A's new slogan

The crap-fried deep-fried eatery, Chick-fil-A, thinks it owns the phrase “eat more” despite the fact that the word “more” does not appear anywhere in their slogan. They proudly display the purposely misspelled slogan, “Eat Mor Chikin,” a plea from cattle who favor the wholesale slaughter of chickens over their own kind.

Bo Muller-Moore, a folk artist in Vermont, has been handed a cease and desist letter from the Chick-fil-A legal team for his use of the phrase “Eat More Kale.” They feel it infringes on their intellectual property and diminishes their brand. To which I say, “Really?” They think that a healthy, nutrient-rich leafy green vegetable diminishes their reputation as a purveyor of artery-clogging, fried chunks of chicken flesh and oil-soaked, sodium-caked potato discs diminishes their brand?

Even if you ignore the obvious fact that Chick-fil-A doesn’t use the word “more” in their slogan, the corporation that wears it’s Christian values on its deep-fried sleeve doesn’t have a case. To my knowledge, my mother came up with the phrase, “eat more.” She used it over and over again to get me to eat healthy foods. “Eat more spinach.” “Eat more carrots.” “Eat more salad.” Never once did she use it to encourage me to eat something as devoid of nutrients as a Chik-fil-A sandwich.

I submit to Chick-fil-A that if anything, they are diminishing the phrase “eat more.” And while we’re at it, they’re not doing Jesus any favors either by doing something as un-Christian as suing some small businessman for using a common phrase in the pursuit of making a buck in order to survive this horrible economy and feed his family.

My advice to Chick-fil-A is to back off. You’re going to rack up legal fees that will likely bury the poor guy and all you’ll get out of it if you win is ownership of a common phrase that no one really associates with your brand and your corporate soul will grow darker in the process. On the other hand, if the “closed on Sundays, praise baby Jesus” reputation you’ve cultivated over the years is just a lot of deep-fried nonsense, then by all means, proceed with love-of-money abandon.

You can read more about Muller-Moore’s battle with Chick-fil-A here: Vt. artist: I’ll fight Chick-fil-A for my kale

BTW – Everyone knows that cows spell “more” with two 0’s and an apostrophe – “moo’r.”

9 thoughts on “Eat Less Chick-fil-A

  1. Crazy stuff. Reminds me of the time Trump wanted to trademark “You’re fired!” Or is that just a myth?

  2. As your wife and a proponent of truth telling, I have a problem with the wording in your blog header. You are, in fact, quite necessary. I am not going to get all sappy … although there are a lot of stories I could share about how you changed my life for the better. Instead I am going to state some cold, hard facts: (a) You wrestle with our dog. Chloe would be dreadfully bored if I were her only companion. (b) You show mercy to bugs that get in the house by taking them outside and letting them live. (c) You effortlessly open tightly sealed bottles and jars. I rest my case.

    • Just to be clear, you’re not talking about the post heading – “Eat Less Chick-fil-A.” You’re talking about the “Wholly Unnecessary” line in the blog header. As I said this morning, I don’t really believe I’m an amateur surgeon either.

      BTW – This entire conversation is going to be out of context for future readers because I change the header every two or three months.

  3. Okay, I’ll accept 38% but I reserve the right to present evidence refuting that at a later date. As our beloved Charlie said on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “I’ll allow it.”

  4. Sorry for any confusion. To be clear … When I said I had a problem with the blog heading, I was referring to some text near R.W.’s photo that declared him to be “Wholly unnecessary.” I think the “Eat Less Chick-Fil-A” title is great! On a related note … What’s with the pickles on their sandwiches?… I definitely have a problem with them.

  5. its their opinion….get over it you liberal!!! if you dont want to eat there just go to Mcdonalds you worthless piece of sh1t

    • Thanks for your open-minded response and friendly advice, good Christian. I’ve not eaten at Chick fil A for a long, long time. BTW – This wasn’t posted about Cathy’s opinion on traditional marriage. This is about them trying to put a small business man out of business because he used the term “Eat More” in his advertising. Look at the date.

      I’m so liberal I don’t eat fast food.

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