Do ‘Skeptics’ impede progress?

The obligatory Einstein quote

It’s natural for most human beings to embrace the rational world. We gravitate towards the known looking for explanations for every event in our greater world and in our own personal lives. And, when the known fails us, we squeeze and twist an event until it fits a rational explanation. Over time, if the same event keeps occurring in the same way, we gradually expand our knowledgebase so that it fits the outcome of the event instead of the other way around. That’s part of our evolutionary process.

In addition to being skeptical, we are a curious species as well. We hunger to discover something new at every turn in life. Our curiosity drives us to explore the irrational world when we outgrow the rational world. We pick and dig away at mysteries beyond our understanding until we understand them, or at least think we do.

This combination of skeptical think and our addiction to the unexplained allows us to increase what we know at a comfortable and manageable rate. After all, a data dump that changes our entire world view could have serious psychological and intellectual ramifications. We could effectively shut down and fear the pursuit of knowledge all together. When nature matched our skepticism with our curiosity, it gave us a formula to grow without risk to our psyche.

The worldview of ‘Skeptics’ is an entirely different matter. Skeptics, as defined here, are different from those of us who are skeptical. Skeptics do not possess, either by nature or by nurture, the ability to expand their knowledgebase. The world of discovery has reached its limits and one’s need for curiosity is as useless as one’s appendix. In effect, curiosity is a vestigial structure. They see the absence of proof on a matter and deride the pursuit of studying said matter. They proclaim it a fringe belief, and any scientific study that surrounds it is proclaimed to be junk science by Skeptics.

I purpose that the Skeptics’ views impede progress at an unnatural rate. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about cancer, physics, spirituality, zoology, etc. The vitriolic and judgmental tone of Skeptics costs precious time in the advancement of knowledge. They adopt an agenda to disqualify any piece of evidence in support of a matter, even if they have to dismiss all sense of reason to do so. The perceived absence of proof creates an air of near fatal arrogance that cripples and hampers the discovery of accepted proof. One could also use the ‘between a rock and hard place,” cliché here.

As a society, we should reward and encourage the study of the fringe. We shouldn’t let the Skeptics run the show. We have enough innate skepticism to moderate and qualify the information received from such studies. The future of discovery is in that world we do not understand. Those brave enough to explore it make all the discoveries. Skeptics do not make discoveries. On the contrary, they derail discoveries. It is impossible for them to do otherwise.

So, which are you, a Skeptic or skeptical?

2 thoughts on “Do ‘Skeptics’ impede progress?

  1. Fantastic post. Thank you very much, sir. I could not have said it better myself.

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