The qualifying question for the Two Notch Kindle Fire drawing

What was Abel Decker's horse's name?

I’ve told you that I’m going to make an announcement for the promotional giveaway for the Kindle Fire on Wednesday.  Well, I’m going to jump ahead a little bit today and give you the qualifying question you must answer correctly in order to be entered into the drawing.  Why a qualifying question?  Because I don’t want to get bombed with entries from contest bots.  You will have to have actually read The Man Who Saved Two Notch in order to answer the question. I’m trusting that you will not share the correct answer with your friends and family.  If you do, I can promise you someone will send me an email ratting you out.  It’s happened before.  I’ll disqualify anyone who gets caught posting the answer to the question on your Facebook wall or Tweeting it out to the universe or anywhere else.    I want this to be fair to everyone who “reads” the book.  Go here to see how you can get it free: The schedule of free books and how to win a free Kindle Fire.

Here is the muliple choice question:  What is Abel Decker’s horse’s name?

  1. Runner
  2. Chubby
  3. Crank
  4. The name is never given.

Since this is a multiple choice question, you will only get one chance to get it right.  Once you have the answer, email it to me at with the subject line: The answer to the Two Notch question.  Please make sure to use that exact subject line.  It makes organizing the contest so much easier when every one uses the same subject line.  If you don’t use that subject line, there’s a chance I’ll miss it.

BTW – This is not a young adult book.  The theme is pretty gritty and not for the same young readers of The Takers and my other books.

Good Luck!

The Takers hit number 1

Number 1!!

Nice!  Looks like you all got my message.  The Takers shot up the “Spine-chilling Horror” charts.  As of this writing it is number one!  Hopefully we can have the same kind of success with The Man Who Saved Two Notch starting Wednesday.  As a reminder here’s the schedule of when my books with be free on the Kindle, and don’t forget, I’m holding a promotional drawing for Two Notch.  The prize is a Kindle Fire.  I’ll have more details on Wednesday.

The schedule of free books and how to win a free Kindle Fire

I am making three of my books available for free on the Amazon Kindle store for the next 10 days.  They won’t be free all at once.  I am staggering the books out so at least one of the books will be free during the 10 day period.  Here’s the schedule.

Also on February 1, come back to the blog because I will be making a video announcement about the Kindle Fire drawing.  It is a promotion for The Man Who Saved Two Notch, and as I’ve done in the past, you will have to answer a question correctly concerning the story. BTW – If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle platform for your computer for free here. Free Kindle App.

I’m going to be giving away a Kindle Fire soon!

The Man Who Saved Two Notch is now available in paperback on Amazon!

Keep an eye on  this blog over the next week because I’m going to be posting an announcement about a new contest.  I’ll be giving away an Amazon Kindle Fire.  This is a promotion for my book The Man Who Saved Two Notch. So – hint, hint – you will need to be familiar with the contents of the book in order to be included in the drawing.  I’m going to be making it available for free via Kindle February 1 – February 5, 2012.  Fear not, if you don’t have  a Kindle, you can download a Kindle platform for your computer for free here. Free Kindle App.

Of course, if you want to buy the paperback, I won’t argue.  Click here or the image to get to the detail page on Amazon: The Man Who Saved Two Notch


Wow! Bigfoot made Time magazine’s Newsfeed

Should you really send the Mod Squad to find Bigfoot?

Bigfoot has stepped out of the realm of myth and mystery and found himself on the pages of Time magazine’s Newsfeed.  Contributor, Lauren Daniels poses the question, do we really want to find Bigfoot?  Her comment is in reference to the unexpected popularity of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.  A show I don’t get to watch because I don’t have Animal Planet.  Thanks to the Interwebs, it’s not really necessary for me to watch it to know what happens each show.  They go to an area where some “credible” video or photographic “evidence” has been collected, and they spend the first half of the show investigating the “evidence.”  Three of them usually say “It’s a squatch,” and the fourth one says something like, “I think it’s a squirrel with a thyroid problem.”  The second half of the show we watch them run around the woods a night in a green hue excitedly whispering to each other “Did you hear that?”

The problem with the show is they never find Bigfoot or any real convincing evidence of Bigfoot.  I am a Bigfoot enthusiast that really wants the myth of the big guy to be true, but even I can see this show has one glaring formulaic hiccup, they don’t produce any conclusive results.  Eventually that is going to wear thin on the viewers.  Daniels suggests that Animal Planet isn’t really interested in finding Bigfoot. The real ratings are in searching for Bigfoot.  As she puts it:

The real question NewsFeed is pondering: does anyone really want to find Bigfoot? Proving Bigfoot’s existence puts an end to all of the fun, and in the case of Animal Planet, some serious ratings. The season-two premiere of Finding Bigfoot had 1.6 million viewers, making it the most watched episode of the programand the second-best season debut of any show on the network.

I happen to think she’s kind of missing the forest for the trees.  If Moneymaker and his crew stumble upon a live or dead Bigfoot, it will be ratings gold, and it will draw more viewers in week after week.  It’s kind of silly to think that finding an undiscovered human or nonhuman primate will kill the show.  I happen to think the opposite is true.  The show only has so much good will and hope to harness from vague images and unidentified sounds before their audience is going to start to bail.  My guess is the ratings will drop significantly next season if they don’t start producing real evidence.

A note on the Ketchum Report: I haven’t reported anything on Dr. Ketchum’s DNA analysis recently because there’s nothing to report.  A few other bloggers are doing a much better job than I could ever do digging up rumors and speculation .  That’s not to say I don’t think they should be reporting the information they are finding. On the contrary, I think they should.  I’ve just decided to take a more measured approach to the news I see and receive.  To be quite frank, some of the characters in the Bigfoot world are a little… defensive and aggressive if you write anything about them, even if you give them favorable coverage.  I’m still trying to figure out why David Paulides is so angry with me.

So, until I hear it from Dr. K herself, I probably won’t be writing anything about her or her study on this blog.  I say probably because if an anonymous source sends me a picture of Dr. K shaking hands with the Bigfoot king, I’ll definitely post it here for your viewing pleasure, and also so you can get ready to make yourself available for the Bigfoot king’s evil bidding.

SOPA is not going away

Just because we had a day of “observance” online yesterday for the attempted SOPA/PIPA takeover of the Internet doesn’t mean anything was accomplished.  On the contrary, those who support SOPA/PIPA (the entertainment industry) have turned up the heat.  In fact, if you want to know how to bring the face of the liberal establishment and the face of the conservative establishment together?  Support the anti-SOPA/PIPA movement.  Comcast/Hollywood and Murdoch have teamed up to attack Obama for saying he supports the anti-SOPA/PIPA movement.  First, the internet brought us the Arab Spring, now it looks like it’s bringing us the unthinkable, a common enemy for FOX News and CNN.

Hollywood has leverage over the Democrat party because they are major donors to Democrat candidates.  They are going to issue a boycott of all candidates who support the anti-SOPA/PIPA movment.  Make no mistake about it this is about money not political policies or platforms.  The entertainment industry will get behind any candidate that supports SOPA/PIPA.

Being part of the anti-SOPA/PIPA crowd doesn’t mean you support online piracy.  The  SOPA/PIPA law as written gives the government the authority to circumvent the Constitution and legally violate your civil liberties.  The law is so vague and confusing it is a form a martial law over the Internet.  This is bad for you as an individual and it will do even more damage to the US economy.

I’m not political in the least.  I’m fed up with both parties like most people, and like most people, I probably fall somewhere int the middle of the political spectrum; liberal on some issues, conservative on others, and bored by most.  But, I will be watching this fight very carefully.  Any candidate that is against SOPA/PIPA will immediately have my attention.

Here’s a video that does a great job of describing what SOPA/PIPA is, and why it’s a good idea ruined by poor execution and dangerous legislation.

Hitler is even outraged by SOPA

If you want the skinny on SOPA, you can learn more here: SOPA Blackout

BTW: The Hitler bunker clip you’ve seen (and will see in the video below) comes from a movie called Downfall.  Do yourself a favor, and watch it.  My wife and I watched it on Netflix.  It’s a fantastic movie.  And now I give you a video that contains the following line: “Don’t cry. Disney owns the rights to that emotion.”


Thanks for making The Takers #2

Number 2 with a bullet

The Takers soared up the charts Sunday and Monday on Amazon.  It made it as high as number 2 in the Spine-Chilling category on Kindle.  Nice!  It had close to 2,000 downloads.  Thanks to everyone for spreading the word.

While we’re on the subject of my books, I’ll be making Lost Days available for free for the Kindle tomorrow and Thursday (1/18 & 1/19).  Spread the word!  Send your friends the Amazon link: Lost Days

Strange Sounds from around the world

Much has been made about a spate of unusual sounds coming from various locations throughout the world.  For lack of a better description, people are supposedly recording noises that sound akin to someone blowing a horn, but on a much bigger scale.  It kind of sounds like the noise the tripod alien walkers blasted out in War of the Worlds.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble that think these are other worldly or Biblical in nature, but I’m pretty sure we’re all witnessing an attempted viral video campaign for an as yet undisclosed film.  Given that this is 2012, and we’ve all heard the prediction that the end is nigh, I’m willing to bet some industrious filmmaker/studio is doing their best to capitalize on the hysteria.

Here’s one of the videos being passed around the interwebs.  It is eerie and unsettling, and in my view, a complete and total hoax.  You can rest easy.