Strange Sounds from around the world

Much has been made about a spate of unusual sounds coming from various locations throughout the world.  For lack of a better description, people are supposedly recording noises that sound akin to someone blowing a horn, but on a much bigger scale.  It kind of sounds like the noise the tripod alien walkers blasted out in War of the Worlds.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble that think these are other worldly or Biblical in nature, but I’m pretty sure we’re all witnessing an attempted viral video campaign for an as yet undisclosed film.  Given that this is 2012, and we’ve all heard the prediction that the end is nigh, I’m willing to bet some industrious filmmaker/studio is doing their best to capitalize on the hysteria.

Here’s one of the videos being passed around the interwebs.  It is eerie and unsettling, and in my view, a complete and total hoax.  You can rest easy.

2 thoughts on “Strange Sounds from around the world

  1. Ok I just had this conversation and stated that exact point to someone on another web site where I describe the sound as the sound of the aliens in the movie “war of the worlds”. Its nice to see that I am not crazy for thinking that, i do believe that there is something strange happening around the world but from the older videos and sound waves caught on tape the ones from the past few weeks all sound totally different and like the movie. There is talk of a video game company running these videos to promote their new video game thats is very similar to the movie, its not a fact that its viral marketing but a theory.

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