Hitler is even outraged by SOPA

If you want the skinny on SOPA, you can learn more here: SOPA Blackout

BTW: The Hitler bunker clip you’ve seen (and will see in the video below) comes from a movie called Downfall.  Do yourself a favor, and watch it.  My wife and I watched it on Netflix.  It’s a fantastic movie.  And now I give you a video that contains the following line: “Don’t cry. Disney owns the rights to that emotion.”


One thought on “Hitler is even outraged by SOPA

  1. Der Fuhrer has it right about Congressmen not reading the legislation they’re signing. My BiL used to work for a Senator, and tells stories about him walking onto the floor, asking which way he was supposed to vote ‘on this one.’

    ps Just finished watching BrBa. I paid Amazon for the vids.

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