Wow! Bigfoot made Time magazine’s Newsfeed

Should you really send the Mod Squad to find Bigfoot?

Bigfoot has stepped out of the realm of myth and mystery and found himself on the pages of Time magazine’s Newsfeed.  Contributor, Lauren Daniels poses the question, do we really want to find Bigfoot?  Her comment is in reference to the unexpected popularity of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.  A show I don’t get to watch because I don’t have Animal Planet.  Thanks to the Interwebs, it’s not really necessary for me to watch it to know what happens each show.  They go to an area where some “credible” video or photographic “evidence” has been collected, and they spend the first half of the show investigating the “evidence.”  Three of them usually say “It’s a squatch,” and the fourth one says something like, “I think it’s a squirrel with a thyroid problem.”  The second half of the show we watch them run around the woods a night in a green hue excitedly whispering to each other “Did you hear that?”

The problem with the show is they never find Bigfoot or any real convincing evidence of Bigfoot.  I am a Bigfoot enthusiast that really wants the myth of the big guy to be true, but even I can see this show has one glaring formulaic hiccup, they don’t produce any conclusive results.  Eventually that is going to wear thin on the viewers.  Daniels suggests that Animal Planet isn’t really interested in finding Bigfoot. The real ratings are in searching for Bigfoot.  As she puts it:

The real question NewsFeed is pondering: does anyone really want to find Bigfoot? Proving Bigfoot’s existence puts an end to all of the fun, and in the case of Animal Planet, some serious ratings. The season-two premiere of Finding Bigfoot had 1.6 million viewers, making it the most watched episode of the programand the second-best season debut of any show on the network.

I happen to think she’s kind of missing the forest for the trees.  If Moneymaker and his crew stumble upon a live or dead Bigfoot, it will be ratings gold, and it will draw more viewers in week after week.  It’s kind of silly to think that finding an undiscovered human or nonhuman primate will kill the show.  I happen to think the opposite is true.  The show only has so much good will and hope to harness from vague images and unidentified sounds before their audience is going to start to bail.  My guess is the ratings will drop significantly next season if they don’t start producing real evidence.

A note on the Ketchum Report: I haven’t reported anything on Dr. Ketchum’s DNA analysis recently because there’s nothing to report.  A few other bloggers are doing a much better job than I could ever do digging up rumors and speculation .  That’s not to say I don’t think they should be reporting the information they are finding. On the contrary, I think they should.  I’ve just decided to take a more measured approach to the news I see and receive.  To be quite frank, some of the characters in the Bigfoot world are a little… defensive and aggressive if you write anything about them, even if you give them favorable coverage.  I’m still trying to figure out why David Paulides is so angry with me.

So, until I hear it from Dr. K herself, I probably won’t be writing anything about her or her study on this blog.  I say probably because if an anonymous source sends me a picture of Dr. K shaking hands with the Bigfoot king, I’ll definitely post it here for your viewing pleasure, and also so you can get ready to make yourself available for the Bigfoot king’s evil bidding.

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