The qualifying question for the Two Notch Kindle Fire drawing

What was Abel Decker's horse's name?

I’ve told you that I’m going to make an announcement for the promotional giveaway for the Kindle Fire on Wednesday.  Well, I’m going to jump ahead a little bit today and give you the qualifying question you must answer correctly in order to be entered into the drawing.  Why a qualifying question?  Because I don’t want to get bombed with entries from contest bots.  You will have to have actually read The Man Who Saved Two Notch in order to answer the question. I’m trusting that you will not share the correct answer with your friends and family.  If you do, I can promise you someone will send me an email ratting you out.  It’s happened before.  I’ll disqualify anyone who gets caught posting the answer to the question on your Facebook wall or Tweeting it out to the universe or anywhere else.    I want this to be fair to everyone who “reads” the book.  Go here to see how you can get it free: The schedule of free books and how to win a free Kindle Fire.

Here is the muliple choice question:  What is Abel Decker’s horse’s name?

  1. Runner
  2. Chubby
  3. Crank
  4. The name is never given.

Since this is a multiple choice question, you will only get one chance to get it right.  Once you have the answer, email it to me at with the subject line: The answer to the Two Notch question.  Please make sure to use that exact subject line.  It makes organizing the contest so much easier when every one uses the same subject line.  If you don’t use that subject line, there’s a chance I’ll miss it.

BTW – This is not a young adult book.  The theme is pretty gritty and not for the same young readers of The Takers and my other books.

Good Luck!

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