A new clear photo of Bigfoot to be published today at 1:00 pm ET

Click here to see the pic.

I haven’t seen it, but it supposedly is a clear photo that is either a well-funded hoax or the real deal. Melissa Hoovey  will post it on her blog The Search for Bigfoot today at 1:00 pm.  The photo is one of a series taken by an unidentified individual’s game cam.  He is not a Bigfooter, and he’s apparently not a huge fan of all the “crazies” associated with the phenomenon.  He contacted Melissa because he had heard her on a radio program discussing Bigfoot, and he felt she would give him the best advice.  He sent her a single image from the trail cam at her request, and she claims to have been blown away by the photo.  After some discussion with the gentleman on how to proceed, he dropped off the radar.  He came across the paranormal Bigfoot community and became terrified that he would be associated with them and labeled a nut job.

Melissa’s been sitting on the photo for four years, chomping at the bit to do something about it.  She’s made the decision that the public good outweighs this gentleman’s concerns.  She feels more than confident that she can conceal his identity.  In short, she thinks the photo is too good not to share.

In her own words:

Like many others in this field of research I expected a blurry photo taken at a great distance. No, that is not what was sent. When I opened the email with the attached photo, in all honesty, I damned near fell out of my computer chair. It was so clear and the alleged animal is right there!! No zooming, nothing. I didn’t know what to do. It looked so life like. The subject of this photo looks like it could turn around at any second. I was absolutely blown away.

We shall see!

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