Breaking News on the Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture

The Bigfoot Evidence blog posted a video that compared the picture of the Bigfoot sent to Melissa Hovey by an unnamed source to an actor in a costume in the movie Clawed directed and produced by Karl Kozak. A visitor identifying himself as Karl Kozak left a comment on the blog claiming that the subject in the photo is indeed from his movie. However, the poster then made some other claims about a new Bigfoot movie he is producing and then asked for donations for his film. To say the least, this struck me as odd behavior.

I located Karl’s email address on IMDB and sent him a messsage asking him if he was the one posting on the Bigfoot Evidence blog. He responded fairly quickly stating that it was not him. He went on to say he is not working on a new Bigfoot movie.

Here’s the breaking news part. He identified the photo sent to Melissa Hovey as the creature from his movie. In other words, it is not Bigfoot. It is an actor in a costume.

One in the same?

Here is what he had to say on the matter:

I do recognize the photos of our bigfoot costume of course and the back side photo is from our film too, not the real deal.  The film was shot in North Bend Washingon in the mountains and the costume made fashioned by a Seattle SFX company.

Unfortunately, it appears as though someone is attempting to hoax Melissa. To her credit, she never claimed that this was an authentic picture of the big guy. She was extremely cautious, and I applaud the way she handled this.

So, unless her anonymous source wants to come forth with the other pictures to bolster his claim that this is a real Bigfoot and not an actor in a costume, this case is closed as far as I’m concerned. It was fun while it lasted!

UPDATE: Some people on forums and other blogs seem a little surprised that I would so easily take the word of Karl over Melissa’s source.  There’s one simple reason I put more value in Karl’s claims over her source’s claims.  I know Karl’s name.  He’s attached his name to his claim that this is the costume from his movie.  Melissa’s source has chosen to conceal his name, and he has every right to do so, but in my mind, it gives him less credibility.  It shields him from inquiry and tough guestions.  I understand he doesn’t want to be labeled a crazy person, but if he wants this image to be taken seriously, he has to do one of two things; produce the other images, or come out of hiding.  Both would be preferrable.

30 thoughts on “Breaking News on the Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture

  1. thanks for the update…but I’m not buying it’s the same costume…it just looks too different…for one the neck is not even close…while I do suspect the Melisa Hovey picture is a suit of some sort ..I just don’t think this is it. Thanks for the work and your follow up on all this Richard.
    I hope either a back shot from the movie clawed is released or the dude who sent the pictures to Melisa comes out with more. I think the MH picture look more like the suit in the Troma bigfoot movie from 2006.
    But in any case good job on the follow ups.

    • Yeah, I’m afraid MH’s source has some explainging to do. He could answer a lot of questions simply by releasing the other photos.

      • She has never claimed it to be real, never!!!!

      • Not sure who you’re directing your comment to, but I tried to make that clear when I said the following in the post:

        “To her credit, she never claimed that this was an authentic picture of the big guy. She was extremely cautious, and I applaud the way she handled this.”

        Melissa and I had a few email exchanges about this photo. I found her to be polite and professional.

  2. It looks to fake. Seriously… bad try

  3. Was the director angry that the American Bigfoot Society tried to copyright a photo from his film?

  4. Look at the arms where they attach to the torso around the shoulder area. Definitely a suit. That suit? Who knows.

  5. Another one bites the dust………………

  6. SInce the producer seemed so accessible and forthcoming, any chance he could point us to a source for pics of this costume from behind?

    • A number of people have asked that question. I sent MH the director’s email (it’s not hard to find on IMDB). I expect she’s already been in touch with him about that, but I don’t know that for sure. I think the real people to talk to here are the Special FX guys. This has the markings of a test shot early in the development stages of the costume.

  7. Yeah I say BS to you, Karl, and anyone else who claims credit for this photo without ANOTHER PHOTO to verify their claim.

    If it was from some terrible, stupid, movie, then there would be HUNDREDS of photos. Production companies take polaroid after polaroid of actors, extras, and sets, to match from filming day to day, even in terrible, stupid, movies. Karl would have access to these photos to support his claim.

    Passage removed by administrator because it was deemed a personal attack. If he is trying to get a few dollars from Blockbuster Video sales then I can see why he said what he said…Passage removed by administrator because it was deemed a personal attack..

    • Sorry, CDC, I had to cut out the name calling. You can say his movie sucks and speculate on his motives, but I’d like to keep it as civil as possible around here.

    • CDC – you claim “only an idiot would make a claim without proof.” That’s a big claim… where is your proof?

      If someone shows me a picture of a house that I lived in 10 years ago, I might say “hey, I know that house – that used to be my house”… But I’d be damned if I would go through the effort of finding a copy of the property title or go through old pics to provide proof – it just wouldn’t matter to me.

      That’s not to say that I have an opinion as to whether Carl is lying or not – maybe he is, or maybe he isn’t… but as you said, your ‘claim without proof’ is… well… the sort of word that might get edited here… but it ends in “iotic”

      Maybe Karl will care enough to provide pics, maybe he won’t. Until then, you are right about one thing – the issue is not settled.

      • No, its settled. Its a fake, if you cant tell that just by looking at the obvious, then take someones word who can tell the difference. It is not real by any stretch of the imagination, and I do believe there could be such a thing as bigfoot.

      • Ummm, ChimpChaser – if you read my posts, and the other posts in this thread, you’ll see that I have always said there was a good chance it’s a fake… (the original photo in question, that is). My point was only with the blanket (and faulty) assertions made by CDC.

  8. RW – can you provide a side-by-side with the frontal picture that has closer proportion, scale, and lighting, than the one that you use above?

    There is one that compares better on the thread on bigfootevidence.

  9. I understand, a cowardly site always avoids honest opinion, be it true or not.

    The reality is, what I said stands as the truth…Karl made a statement as fact that he CANNOT support with EVIDENCE, and YOU KNOW IT. You posted it which makes you just as wrong. You should have waited for his supporting evidence, any similar pic.

    Don’t worry, I will never come back to this site again. Politically correct, or simply cowards, your fear of offending at the sake of honesty, makes yours a site not worth visiting.

    You and your boyfriend Karl can gush all day over those pieces of crap he calls movies, and I’ll express my honest opinions on sites where honest opinion is what is expected…not opinion shaped to avoid any hurt iddy biddy feelings.

    Yawn, kinda boring and dull here…again, more truth

    • Aw, we’ll miss you and your imposing intellect, CDC – take care.
      Now, for the rest of us rational, patient people, perhaps Karl will have some pics for us, soon.

    • It doesn’t take a whole lot of guts to anonymously insult someone. The only thing I removed from your post was the repeated name calling. A lot of kids read this blog. I think we adults need to set a better example and treat each with a little more respect.

      You can post anytime. Just try to express your opinion by raising yourself up without putting someone else down.

  10. Maybe a guy in a suit, but, by closely observing the necy area it is clearly not the same.

  11. Necy was suppose to be neck. Sorry for my typo people…

  12. or is it that melissa is attempting to hoax us? This anonymous source makes a perfect scapegoat

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  14. i seen big foot in my backyard

  15. Melissa says the source of the photo claims the picture was taken by a game camera.All the game cameras I have seen use an IR flash not a visible light flash,which the picture in question looks like visible light flash.I could be just seems fishy.

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