Yet another update on the Melissa Hovey (Clawed) Bigfoot

Sold on ebay in October of 2006

Wow, this information is coming in fast and furious!  I’m getting a lot of referrals from Cryptomundo today so I decided to see what they were saying about the post on Karl Kozak’s revelation that the picture is actually just the back of the costume of the creature in his movie Clawed.  Turns out a Cryptomundian left a comment that Cryptomundo posted a story about the costume from Clawed being for sale on ebay back in October of 2006.  If you won the bid, you would also receive a DVD demonstrating how they made the suit!  The last bid at the time they posted the story was $3,000.  I have no idea what the final bid was.  Here’s the description from ebay

This is the authentic screen-worn Bigfoot creature suit as used in the feature film, “The Ghost of Echo Mountain”. This stunt suit was used twice and remains in perfect condition.  It has been fabricated of a soft polyfoam (BJB 265) and latex skin. It has been maticulously painted using airbrushed inks. All fur is synthetic and was both handlaid and contact cemented in place. This item stands approximately 6′6″ (including footware) and was designed for the lead actor who was 6′2″ and 210lbs. The suit is quite large, so please be aware that it may require modifications for those smaller than six feet.  I myself have tried on this suit (5′10″, 175 lbs) and found that by bulking it out using pillow foam worked just fine…just a little on the warm side. The head piece is seperate from the body and is just a slip on. The body suit is entered from the back. Folds of the synthetic fur covers all seams. The actors hands were painted using tattoo inks to match the overall colour scheme and feet are covered with fur.

With this costume I will include a copy of the promotional DVD on the fabrication of the suit and a copy of the original script entitled, “The Unknown”. Due to the lightwieght materials used in the fabrication of this suit, I expect shipping costs to be minimal.

Who bought the suit?  Are there other promotional DVDs on the construction of the suit?  So many questions, and so few answers!

BTW – A new assumption can be made based on this information.  Whoever bought the suit is the source behind the hoax not the FX team as I speculated before.

3 thoughts on “Yet another update on the Melissa Hovey (Clawed) Bigfoot

  1. nice –the plot goes deeper

  2. Melissa Hovey gets “Clawed” The whole thing stunk from the get go, and the photo looked way too staged.

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