I will edit your comments

Someone posted a comment yesterday on one of my posts.  The commenter was angry and made what I perceived to be a personal attack.  They weren’t attacking me.  They were attacking the person I had written the post about.  I edited the post to remove the truly egregious personal attacks, and informed the commenter why I had done so.  They were not happy with my decision to edit their comments.

I have a lot of young people who visit this blog.  I want to keep things as civil as possible. The Internet has become fertile ground for bad and rude behavior.  I want the kids who visit this blog to be exposed to honest, respectful debate.  If you leave a comment that I deem unfit or ugly, I’ll either edit it or delete it.  I have sole discretion over what and won’t be edited or removed.

If you disagree with me, another commenter, or even someone I’ve written about in one of my posts, I encourage you to speak your mind, but do so with a little tact.  If you feel the need to rant mindlessly, start your own blog, or tell your friends on Facebook.  This blog isn’t the place for that kind of behavior.

That’s it!  Have a nice day!

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