Yay for Hunger Games!

Dystopian craze here we come!I haven’t seen the movie, but I am a fan of Suzanne Collins’ books, and I am happy to see The Hunger Games had a huge opening weekend at the box office.  The Hunger Games series is more than an excellent Young Adult series.  They are excellent books for all ages written by a gifted writer. Collins deserves the success, and bonus for me, since the series centers on a dystopian theme her success can only be good fo the Oz Chronicles, my Young Adult dystopian series. Kudos Suzanne Collins!

Distracted driver endangers everyone on the highway in order to humiliate his wife

Okay, more terrifying than this woman’s failure to grasp the concept of “per hour” is her husband’s need to humiliate her on camera while driving at a high rate of speed.  I’m assuming he’s driving 80 MPH since that is the topic of their discussion.  He’s driving 80, holding a camera, and grilling his young bride about the concept of miles per hour.  And people thinks she’s the stupid one in the relationship.

The final version of Banshee Worm King; Book Five of the Oz Chronicles?

Could it be? Should it be? Will it be?

Are you looking at the final version of Banshee Worm King; Book Five of the Oz Chronicles? I don’t know.  I have to do another read through.  I’m thinking there might be a few minor tweaks here and there, and then I’ll do a couple of rounds with advance readers.  But, one thing is certain.  We are getting much, much closer to the release date!

And the winner of the Kindle Fire is….

My thanks to everyone who entered the Kindle Fire giveaway.  In order to have had qualified for the drawing, you had to answer the following question correctly:

What is Abel Decker’s horse’s name?

The correct answer is:

The name was never given.

A few of you thought “Runner” was the correct answer, but that was the name of Henry’s horse.

And now for the big reveal.  The winner is… Gijzette Strickland 

I truly wish I could give everyone who entered a Kindle Fire, but unless I have a J.K. Rowling type year, that’s probably not going to happen.